Episode 206: Keeping Up with the Super Mamas: Back to the Grind


We’re back on the mic, back to school and back to the grind! It’s been a while since we brought you an update because yes, we forgot to upload an episode last week 🤦🏽‍♀️ but we’ve been pretty busy. We announced our new family cookbook (pre-order it on Amazon here!), Bricia has been traveling to Las Vegas to prep the new bar opening next month, and Paulina is back from Oaxaca and her daughters have started school. Basically, it’s been a whirlwind and this isn’t even half of it.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina pick this week is the store, The Children’s Place, for school uniforms. It came up on her Amazon feed as a brand while she was shopping last minute for the girls’ uniforms. It’s a wonder she has never thought of it before because everything is so inexpensive! There are so many options and colors, she’s definitely coming here next time she has to stock up on uniforms.

Per usual, Bricia has a bougie ass pick. 😂 She has been traveling a lot and someone asked her what her top 3 things when she travels. One of her must have products are under eye patches. Her facialist, Natalie, never pushes products on her, but when Bricia asked for under eye patches to preps her skin for makeup, she recommended CHANEL Firming - Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer patches - and they actually work. There are 10 patches in a box for $130 (that’s $13 per patch). Put the serum on, then the patch, leave on for 10-15 minutes and when you remove, you look really awake and it makes a difference. If you’re getting married, going to a special event or it’s your birthday, make the splurge. It works!

Epsiode 197: Keeping Up with the Super Mamás: Summer is Here!


SUMMER IS HERE and we’re back with a brand new episode! This week we’re talking about our summer plans (and lack of). While Bricia & family are planning a trip to Hawaii (shout out to Delta!) and a full immersion musical experience for Eddie, Paulina is scrambling but planning her own time off without the kids. We also check in and talk about how both our super mamas “lost their flow” after the social but are determined to be kind to themselves & get back on track. Remember that you can get knocked down many times but all you have to do is get up again!

Pick or Tip of the Week

Sometimes you have to do a little grooming, ahem, “downstairs” to prep for a summer of shorts, skirts and bathing suits. Bricia is loving sugaring as an alternative to waxing. It’s a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water and tends to be gentler than waxing. If you’re nervous about the pain, Paulina recommends this razor, similar to one she uses.

Paulina is sharing some advice this week: “Be kind to yourself. And if you feel like you failed yourself, it’s okay.” Remember, the official theme song for Super Mamás goes, “I get knocked down, but I get up again…”


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In our last episode of the year we share about our experience attending “Date with Destiny” a 6-day retreat in Boca Raton with Tony Robbins. The retreat included powerful meditations, examination of values, the self, and tools to transform your heart and mind.

WE share how the experience at this retreat has made it easier for us to navigate stressful situations. We walked in the rain, learned a lot about themselves, our weaknesses, our strengths and values. It also forced us to examine our areas of growth.

Paulina confronted her depressive tendencies, Bricia confronted her issues with energy.

We share loads of useful tips for happier, more fulfilled lives. Listen to hear about:

  • The daily practices we learned and how we have been implementing them in their lives.

  • The power of mindset when dealing with emotions related to stress, and exhaustion.

  • What is Peak State?

  • Why we should look at the positive things in situations rather than the negatives.

  • The power of meditating with intention

  • A quick exercise to get in touch with your heart and emotions, and show gratitude.

  • Tony’s approach to the differences between men and women. The polarities between the masculine and feminine and how they impact our relationships.

  • On the "It’s the Little Things Segment," we share the 4 words that make a huge difference. Paulina shares how she is creating daily practices with her daughters based on what she learned at the at Date with Destiny. 

Bricia also shares about a recent 5AM incident with her son that included a fun “poopy” surprise!  

We also talk about their excitement over being together as a family in Oaxaca in their parents new home.

We also share their gratitude and final thoughts for the year.

Happy Holidays to all of our listeners. Thank you for all of your love and support this year. 

We will resume episodes in 2017! 

Episode Sponsors: Gaffer and Child, a line of timeless personal care products made in small batches from organic, plant-based ingredients.

“It’s the Little Things” Segment sponsored by Munchkin

Show Notes:

Create a Blueprint of Yourself

Tony Robbins Meditation Music

Tony Robbins Priming Exercise

Tim Ferris Podcast Meditation with Tony Robbins

Super Mamas Facebook LIVE

Lolas Cocina

Tony Robbins: What Makes Relationships Work

Learn More About Tony Robbins:

I’m Not Your Guru

Unleash the Power Within

Tips and Picks of the Week:

Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Packing Tips: Ziploc Gallon Bags to save packing space and store outfits in labeled ziploc bags.