In our last episode of the year we share about our experience attending “Date with Destiny” a 6-day retreat in Boca Raton with Tony Robbins. The retreat included powerful meditations, examination of values, the self, and tools to transform your heart and mind.

WE share how the experience at this retreat has made it easier for us to navigate stressful situations. We walked in the rain, learned a lot about themselves, our weaknesses, our strengths and values. It also forced us to examine our areas of growth.

Paulina confronted her depressive tendencies, Bricia confronted her issues with energy.

We share loads of useful tips for happier, more fulfilled lives. Listen to hear about:

  • The daily practices we learned and how we have been implementing them in their lives.

  • The power of mindset when dealing with emotions related to stress, and exhaustion.

  • What is Peak State?

  • Why we should look at the positive things in situations rather than the negatives.

  • The power of meditating with intention

  • A quick exercise to get in touch with your heart and emotions, and show gratitude.

  • Tony’s approach to the differences between men and women. The polarities between the masculine and feminine and how they impact our relationships.

  • On the "It’s the Little Things Segment," we share the 4 words that make a huge difference. Paulina shares how she is creating daily practices with her daughters based on what she learned at the at Date with Destiny. 

Bricia also shares about a recent 5AM incident with her son that included a fun “poopy” surprise!  

We also talk about their excitement over being together as a family in Oaxaca in their parents new home.

We also share their gratitude and final thoughts for the year.

Happy Holidays to all of our listeners. Thank you for all of your love and support this year. 

We will resume episodes in 2017! 

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“It’s the Little Things” Segment sponsored by Munchkin

Show Notes:

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