Episode 212: Restoring Your Marriage, Faith and the Power of Words in Your Life with @RosieRivera


This week on the show, we sit down with Rosie Rivera - entrepreneur, international speaker, author and, oh yeah, the youngest of the Rivera Dynasty. This mama never imagined her life turning upside down over night the way it did; we talk about how many factors in life like death, children, and other issues can really put a strain on a marriage. Together with her husband, they started a podcast called “The Power of Us” to share their relationship experiences and show listeners that a successful marriage takes effort and intention on both parts. Rosie’s interview will inspire you to hold on to your faith even in your darkest times.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Bricia’s pick this week are these tweezers for $14.97 from Tweezer Guru! It includes 4 pairs of tweezers, including a super thin pair for ingrown hairs and blackheads (it’s an art that her facialist showed her how to do). She ordered it thinking it wouldn’t be good since it was so cheap, but she ended up falling in love with the set and then got upset when she realized she had been spending over $20 on all the other tweezers she had previously owned.

Paulina has a great tip this week - did you know you can link your Delta SkySmiles to your Lyft rideshare account? Paulina uses Lyft all the time in LA (we’re sure you do too!), and now she gets miles every time she takes a ride in the U.S.. If you travel a lot, you can easily rack up the miles! To learn more, visit deltalyft.com.


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Episode 210: Knowing Your True Identity with @officialTLopez

T Lopez www.OfficialTLopez.com Heyday.JPG

New episode Tuesday! This week we’re talking to T Lopez, recording artist and entertainer with 20 years of experience. This mama of two gave us one of the most spiritual interviews we have had in awhile. We talk about how T realized she needed time to figure out what her next business venture was, how she exercises her faith, and how she’s helping her daughters shape their identities with the help of her new podcast. Our interview with T came at the right time in our lives, and we hope you feel the same clarity we did!

Pick or Tip of the Week

Bricia is currently in love with Alterna hair products. It’s important to remember that prepping your hair with the right products before styling your hair (curly, straight, waves, whatever) makes a big difference in the final outcome. Alterna sent her a few products to try and she figured out the perfect hair cocktail for her hair. Their CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Replenishing Moisture CC Cream gives such great texture, heat protection and more. When you finish styling, use their CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Working Hairspray. But when you’re a busy mom like Bricia and you only have time to air dry your hair, use Caviar Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-Frizz Air-Dry Balm. It’s awesome on wet hair - scrunch it into you hair, air dry and go, and your hair will look great.

Paulina’s pick this week is Halloween Time at Disneyland! After spending time with her family there last week, it made her so happy and put her in the holiday mood with all the pumpkins. They also have an altar and Plaza de la Familia at California Adventure from the movie “Coco”, where you can place the name of your loved one. From the parade to fireworks, it made her entire family so happy. Paulina recommends visiting the park anytime from now until the end of the year because the holidays at the park are so magical.


Learn more about T at officialTLopez.com and follow her on Instagram at @officialTLopez.

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