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This week's guest is Liz Hernandez, creator of WORDAFUL. Liz is a Mexican American Emmy-nominated television and journalist born and raised in Southern California. Power106 fans, where you at? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Liz's passion for connecting people inspired her to create WORDAFUL, which is derived from the phrase "words are powerful." Currently featured on the OWN Network and through weekly videos and live experiences, Liz showcases feelings of inspiration and motivation that have depth and meaning. 

She sits down with us and speaks on:

  • her career

  • WORDAFUL's purpose

  • the importance of the words we choose to identify ourselves with

  • her morning ritual

  • the value of practicing gratitude and affirmations on a daily basis

Here a couple of 💎's she dropped along the way:

“We learn through behavior”

“Our parents voice becomes the voice in our head”

“We are creating our reality with the things that we say, theres an energy to it. They don’t just disappear into the air.”

“ I AM are the most powerful words in the universe. Whatever follows that is one or the other”

“You are diluting your water with your words. Your either polluting or cleansing your water”

“Whatever you think is what you become”

You can find Liz on Instagram, as @LizHernandez and watch/follow her series, WORDAFUL on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Pick or tip of the week

Liz Hernandez's book suggestions:

Liz also gives us a great tip: learn a new skill right before going to bed! It will help you retain the information even better. 

Paulina is loving all things baby right now, especially her Dr. Brown's baby bottles. She uses these wide neck glass bottles with Zixta all the time. 

Bricia is obsessed with HBO's series, Being SerenaBeing Serena is a documentary series chronicling tennis icon Serena Williams at a pivotal moment in her personal and professional life. It's AMAZINGGGG!!





Happy (almost) Dia de los Padres to all the Super Papás out there! This week we have a special conversation with our own Super Papá/ Super Abuelo, el Don Fernando Lopez. But first, Paulina and Bricia reflect on their emotions from the past week regarding mental health. 

We talk so many different subjects with our dad- from how he decided to move to the US, his childhood, the secret to raising strong women, marriage advice and how his connection with God changed his entire life. 

Father’s day isn’t the only day you need to show appreciation to your significant other or your dad, so reach out and tell them how much you love and appreciate them! 

If you are still looking for the perfect Father's Day gift from your little one to their super papá, you all should check out the book "Papá, Tu Eres Mi Mejor Amigo."  This book displays the unbreakable bond between a son and his dad while promoting healthy habits and positive teaching.   You can find it both en español and English at http://www.bffbooks.com  They are now offering a 25% discount to all of our listeners by entering the code: supermamas (all one word) at check out.  Enjoy ladies!


Drip Doctors 




This week, Paulina is officially back to tell us ALL the chisme from her Oaxaca trip. From spending 7 hours in the Tijuana airport with 3 kids, to her husband getting into a freak accident (FIREWORKS ARE NOT TOYS) & to rebooking her airplane ticket for the second time 😳 - to say the least, the universe and/or her chakras were not aligned. To speak more on chakras (& so much more), we have the FABULOUS Millana Snow as our guest this week on the show. 

Millana Snow is a former New Yorker now living in Venice, CA with her German Shorthair Pointer, Aria. A model and actor for over 12 years, Millana is also a Reiki healer, meditation teacher and Founder of Serene Social, SereneBook.com and the new WellnessOfficial.co; an interactive online marketplace that features the best-of curated practitioners and brands from the global wellness community -launching S/S18. 

Her passion is to connect, empower and support others to heal themselves by expanding consciousness in their everyday lives. Millana, has always lived in a world of contrast, spending her childhood reading the Bhagavad Gita and her tarot cards, she went on to the world of fashion and entertainment becoming the winner of Project Runway and working with clients like YSL, Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Gant as well as working behind the scenes in publishing, public relations and creative direction for VIBE, Uptown Magazine, Vespa and Porsche. Today Millana has integrated these worlds by leading workshops, meditations and talks at NYU, Syracuse, Summit LA17, Soho House, Lululemon, Alexander Wang and more.

We talk & ask...

What is Reiki? 

What do ~*vibrations/high & low frequency*~ mean?

How many chakras do we have? & what are the colors/meaning of each chakra? (we go IN on this subject)

How can we get aligned with our chakras? 

What is our third 👁 used for? 

What are some tips for people who want to start meditating/ be more connected with themselves?

The wide spectrum of meditation (ex. TM, guided meditation, etc.) - ROS PLACE

Breath work

Connect with Millana at MillanaSnow.com or on IG @MillanaSnow

Pick or Tip of the week

Millana HIGHLY recommends this transformational reading, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Paulina is loving Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience App

Bricia receives her daily affirmations at work to give her a push & inspiration from Affirmators! at Work





Our third and final part of our 3-part Super Mamás Social series is coming to an end 😩 We have the incredible Chef & Author Marcela Valladolid to close it all out. Also, Paulina is back (but we're going to save the Oaxaca "cheese" for next week)!

Marcela Valladolid is an Emmy nominated celebrity chef, lifestyle personality, designer, author and businesswoman.  She most recently appeared as a co-host on the Emmy nominated show “The Kitchen” for the Food Network and will next be seen as a celebrity budget in the second season of “Best Baker In America” for the Food Network which premieres May 7th.  Her last book, CASA MARCELA, was a national bestseller and she is currently working on her 4th book “Fiestas at Casa Marcela.”

The theme of the panel was "My MAMA made me" and we asked Chef Marcela how her mom influenced how she parents today & if there are things she does today that she vowed she'd never do as a parent. 

We also talk about self care, who see considers part of her tribe and how she keeps Spanish alive in her household. 

Thank you to our sponsor, AT&T for making our dreams come true! 





Part ✌🏽of our Super Mamás Social Panels is here! We are so thrilled to relive our MOMboss Life interview with celebrity stylist, Monica Rose

Distinguished as one of the most socially viable celebrity stylists in the world, Monica Rose has successfully converted emerging talent into bonafide tastemakers. Current and former clients include: Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman, Miranda Kerr, Nicole Trunfio, Behati Prinsloo, Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians to name a few. 

Monica is a self-made entrepreneur who continues to create and curate signature looks for some of the industry's most-watched A-listers and influencers alike while raising her three children with her partner, former professional skateboarder Sal Barbier.

During the panel, we discuss: 

  • How she discovered her love and passion for fashion

  • Her first big break

  • Overcoming self doubt

  • The importance of being present for her family

  • How the clothes we wear influences our confidence

  • & key pieces every women needs in her closet





We have a very special mid-week episode for all you sisters who are expecting! We welcome back registered dietitian Sylvia Meléndez-Klinger, spokesperson for Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy to speak on the benefits of eating avocados during your pregnancy.  But first, Paulina discusses her recent travel nightmare 🙈

As Sylvia explains, fresh avocados are a great option for expecting mamas. The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics lists avocados as a healthful fat that can help women achieve a balanced diet and have a healthy pregnancy. Healthy avocados contain naturally good fats which are known to be important for normal growth and development of the baby’s central nervous system and brain. Plus, fresh avocados provide a good source of folate per serving which is important for developing a baby’s brain function and reducing the risk for premature births and birth defects.

Paulina also discusses how she incorporated avocados into her own diet while she was pregnant, especially after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes & it was so easy! Avocados are incredibly versatile. We also receive great tips on how to pick the right avocado at the supermarket & what to do with those avocados that are passed their ripeness #selfcare.

For more information on pregnancy nutrition, visit Saborea Uno Hoy's Maternal Heath Advice section. 

Don't forget, for all you pregnant super mamas out there with the same love (and crave) for avocados, we have a very special contest opportunity for you taking place on Instagram now until May 30th. In the ABC’s of Prenatal Nutrition- Avocados, Bellies & Cravings contest you can share why you’re eating avocados during your pregnancy for a chance to win some great prizes. Check out our #SMSOCIAL18, AVOCADO CONTEST & OUR PREGNANCY CRAVINGS blog post for more details! 







Sisters! We are back with the first panel of our #SMSocial18, MAMAhood: The hardest Hood and Balancing it All with hustlers Rachel Gomez, founder of Viva La Bonita & Gemma Marin, actress and fitness model. This is the first part of our three-part series of our Super Mamás Social panels.

During this interview, we ask: 

How are you able to incorporate your babies in your work life routines?

Do you find that you can accomplish more now that you have a baby?

How do you manage to make time for you and your husbands/significant other

For all the ladies who couldn't join us this weekend, this is for you! Stay tuned for the upcoming panels with celebrity stylist Monica Rose & Chef Marcela in the coming weeks. 




This week on the podcast, we answer all your questions about water safety with Kidswim CEO & Master Swim Instructor, Lisa Cook. You asked and we answered!

We cover when’s the best time to introduce your child to swimming, the truths and misconceptions of dry drowning, how to deal with kids being afraid of the water, pool/ocean safety tips and pool toys. Whether you have a pool at home or visit the beach and/or community pool, you will takeaway tons of valuable information that will help your child (and yourself) become more comfortable with swimming. 

A couple of key takeaways:


  • Every 6-month old baby is ready to begin swim lessons (yes, you heard right!)

  • Lisa always recommends mommy & me classes starting out

Dry Drowning 

  • Dry drowning is super rare (phew!) but Lisa provides us symptoms and action steps you can take if you suspect your child is experiencing dry drowning: Keep an eye on them for at least an hour after getting out of the pool, if you see signs of weakness or a abnormally bloated abdomen- call your doctor.

  • Always keep a cup of water by the pool to prevent your child from dehydrating

Dealing with fears 

  • Being afraid of bathing and the pool don’t always correlate

  • Start swim lessons without asking too much of your child. Ease them into it and don’t put too much stress on them.

  • Definitely stay away from dunking your child’s head into the water

Water Safety

  • Always keep a phone by the pool in case of any emergency & have a raft ready in case you need to pull someone out

  • Take a CPR class! It’ll make a huge difference. Here's a link to American Red Cross' CPR Classes in Los Angeles

  • When at the beach, use the lifeguard as a resource. Don’t shy away from them

Pool Toys/ Life Vests

  • Puddle Jumpers are the best option, like this one: Body Glove

  • When you and your child is recreationally swimming and you're deciding whether or not to put them into a puddle jumper or life vest, here's a good rule of thumb:

    • If you have an independent child: put him/her in it

    • If you're handling both a toddler & baby: put the toddler in it

    • If you're on vacation or at a pool party/ hotel where there is a lot of activity going on: put him/her in it

  • You don’t ever want to have them in life vests during swim lessons

Thank you to all the Super Mamás for your questions! The winner of the kidSwim giveaway who will receive either a 50% off a six pack of lessons OR 50% a Parent-Child Class is ....

@ileana_82!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please contact the kidSwim office at info@kidswim.org or by phone at 1- 888-579-7946 to claim your prize.

For more information about swim lessons, water safety or any other questions please feel free to contact Lisa and her team, here: 


IG: @kidswimla

Facebook: kidSwimLA

email: info@kidswim.org 

Pick or Tip of the Week

Lisa shared with us a couple of the best sunscreen for kids:

Paulina's daughters have eczema and their doctor has advised against bubble baths BUT she found these awesome bubble pods that work perfectly with her daughter's very sensitive skin, TruKid Eczema Bubble Podz. Hooray for bubble baths!

Bricia recently finished remodeling her backyard and her tip for everyone is to invest in outdoor lighting. It makes a huge difference and will create the perfect ambience for any backyard occasion. She got her's at Lamps Plus and wrote this perfect blog post about her Backyard Remodel Journey, here

Show Notes

WSI program

Hyland's Earache Drops, Swimmer's ear




The Super Mamás dynamic duo is back! Bricia has returned from Oaxaca and she and Paulina catch up on the last 3 weeks. Like, what is up with Paulina’s hand? & did Eduardo adapt to speaking Spanish while in Mexico? 

We also read an email from a fellow super mamá about the pressures and judgement of not being fluent in Spanish. To all the haters:

As Paulina and Bricia share their own experiences with being bilingual, they realize a lot about themselves and put their own Spanish to the test which will make you LOL.

Also, the winner of the Delta Giveaway is announced! Congratulations to @CindyLunares! YOU’RE COMING TO THE SUPER MAMÁS SOCIAL! Thank you to everyone who shared your #SuperMamasMoment with us 💗

Pick or Tip of the Week (brought you in Español)

Paulina's pick is Hot Yoga aka "Yoga Caliente" & her favorite pose is non other than "Perro viendo hacia al infierno" 🤣

Bricia's tips include watching Sophia Niño de Rivera: Exposed on Netflix, getting yourself some ziplock bags for traveling & basically, “no gasten dinero en chingaderas” 🤣🤣





This week on the podcast we have our girl Natalia Koegen, founder of the Original Sueño blanket. Natalia started Sueño when her middle son, Jasper, was drawn to the colorful colors of the serape but could not take it to bed because it was too itchy. After not being able to find a company that had paired the serape with a backing, she decided to make it herself. 

Natalia is an entrepreneurial force of nature and during the interview she provides us with valuable advice that you can apply to your own business. We cover how Sueño got started, her strengths, her greatest business mistakes and how we all can’t do it alone. 

If you own a business or if you’re sitting on idea that you want to turn into a business, this episode is for you. Don’t wait for “the perfect time,” just do it.

We also catch up on Elizabeth and Paulina's eventful weekend. While Elizabeth was in Portland, Paulina and Krista embarked on a community service trip with Scooby-Doo and Generation On! If you're interested in getting involved click here.

For more information on Natalia and Sueño, check her out: 

website: www.suenoshop.com

Instagram: @sueno_shopᐧ

Facebook: /shopsueno

Pick or Tip of the Week 

Natalia is loving these two tech startups: Bolt, simple shipping with fast delivery & great rates and Indigo Fair, a platform that connects retailers with brands. If you're looking into wholesale, check this app out.

Paulina recommends Quickbooks online for small business. It's super easy to use and only $10/month.

Bricia gave her take on both SquareSpace and Shopify. While Squarespace is more user friendly, Shopify offers more plug-ins and has more detailed analytics. Depending on what you're looking for, each one has it's strengths and weaknesses. Definitely do some research.

Show Notes

Vía Raíz, Portland, Oregon & online store

Fashion Mamas

Our Scared Women




Happy New Episode Tuesday, Super Mamás! Today on the show, we have the incredible dynamic duo from Dash Radio's Mom Life Yo, T Lopez & Breegan Jane. We cover A LOT of different topics with these ladies that you don’t want to miss. But first, Paulina and special co-host of the week, Elizabeth give us their weekend update. 

Bricia, Paulina, T and Breegan talk sex, pregnancy glow/blues, what both ladies are excited for this year, the unexpected way T & Bree became friends then creative partners. Their friendship is the perfect example of why we all need our mom tribe and a mommy best friend(s).

Be prepared to laugh and say, “this is mom life, yo"

T Lopez is an award-winning Latina recording artist, and TV host from Southern California. A former member of the music group Soluna, T Lopez has toured the world with Grammy artists Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony; she has also recorded with top artists T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Now a solo artist and mother of two little girls, T Lopez is serving up bilingual entertainment on the stage, television, big screen and behind the mic.

Breegan Jane is an interior designer, entrepreneur and creative influencer from Southern California. She styles exclusive elegance for top-tier residential and commercial developments and seemlessly transitions from kid snuggler to interior designer to DJ and music curator. She loves every moment of being a single mom to her two young boys and sharing their story along with child engagement tips on her blog.

You can listen to T & Breegan on Mom Life Yo every Wednesday at 1PM (PST), 4PM (EST) on DASH Radio.

Find T on Instagram as @officialtlopez and on her website officialtlopez.com

Find Breegan on Instagram as @breeganjane and on her blog breeganjaneblog.com

Pick or Tip of the Week

Breegan is all about day movie dates with her two sons, because sometimes the park isn't always a good idea. 

Instead of getting her two girls back into a sleeping schedule, T is opting for a movie instead. Hey, no judgement here! 




Let’s get 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 together 👏🏽

This week on the podcast, we have strategic life and business coach Wendy Amara on the show! We all want to become a better version of ourselves and what better way than with an expert, amiright? She has coached thousands of people over the past 12 years into achieving powerful goals. Her results-oriented, no holding back approach, opens up new possibilities and helps her clients stay accountable to producing extraordinary results.

One of Wendy’s strengths is teaching her clients how to manage that overwhelmed feeling, which Paulina related to a lot. She walks us through the process of how she helps her clients achieve measurable results with consistency and action. 

Wendy’s 3-step plan:

  1. Gain Clarity. Get 100% clear on what you REALLY want

  2. She will create a map that will help you get from A to B, which will be specific to you

  3. Follow through with the map & she will keep you accountable throughout the process

We also learn what tangible tools we can use to turn our anxiety into action:

  1. You have notice how you’re feeling and make a decision. It’s all about mindset!

  2. Ask yourself what is it that you really want to feel or experience and replace the anxiety with that emotion. She suggests using her *remembering the moment* technique. How it works: You remember the last time you felt courageous, confident, etc. and get your mind to relieve that emotion again. You can chose to replace that anxiety with courage, confidence, etc.

  3. When you wake up in the morning, start by asking yourself, “what are the things that are working in my favor?” Start counting the things that are happening FOR YOU.

Remember mamás, we are habit-forming machines so even if those negative thoughts are still there, things take time and work! Be consistent and stay with it.

You can find Wendy, here: 


Contact: 818-395-2645

email: Wendy@wendyamara.com


IG: @WendyAmara

Pick or Tip of the Week

Wendy is LOVING spending time with her friends. We all need some girl time to recharge and destress. Make plans with your girl friends for a fun night out! She is also offering a free 30-minute strategy session to our Super Mamás! Visit her at WendyAmara.com or call her directly at (818) 395-2645 and mention us.

Paulina is taking on a 21-day ‘happiness hygiene’ challenge. Every day for 2 minutes, she asks herself and her daughters what they are grateful for. She got the idea from Oprah’s interview with Shawn Achor, which you can listen to here

Reiki healing has found itself to Bricia. She’s very much in love with this and recommends it to everyone. Her healer of choice, Millana Snow




Happy 3rd birthday to Eduardo! They grow up so fast 😫 This week on the podcast, Bricia shares how the entire family celebrated Eddie this past weekend and Paulina talks parent teacher conferences.

We also have a Super Mamás longtime listener and educational consultant, Analilia Sanchez on the show! Analilia reached out to us determined to shed light on how we as parents, specially latino parents, can get better involved in our children’s education. 

She gave so many great questions to ask during our child’s parent teacher conferences, such as:

  • Instead of asking, “como se porta mi hijo/hija?” in the beginning, ask that last

  • Most importantly and across all subjects, “what is he/she not understanding”

  • In regards to reading, “Give me specific chapters in the book & how can I support that in the classroom?”

  • “What extra curricular activities does the school offer?”

  • & many more

As an educator and mom, Analilia gives us both perspectives on why we should be more involved. If we as moms push our teachers to work at their potential, then our children will benefit from our involvement. 

As Paulina and Bricia mentions, as immigrants, we view teachers are authorities but forget what our rights as parents are in the classroom. Analilia blew our minds in telling us that in any event where there is parent involvement, there should be a translator in the room.

We also discuss topics like ELAC, DLAC and Common Core that make us go from this...

... to this: 

We also realize (once again) how different Bricia and Paulina are when it comes to parent involvement in the classroom. While Paulina can be considered “that mom”, Bricia is also considered to be “that mom” for different reasons.

If you’re a working mom, don’t be ashamed to ask for help from a “more involvement” parent. As Analilia suggests, you can ask them to share the knowledge and/or you can demand that the school be more flexible for working parents and send out “minutes” in an email or through an app. The possibilities are endless! 

You can find Analilia's new blog, Amigas y Café here: http://www.amigasycafe.com/

Instagram: @AmigasCafe

Twitter: @AmigasyCafe

Pinterest: Amigas y Cafe

Pick or Tip of the Week

Analilia shares with us two awesome websites/apps with us. The first is Kahn Academy, which gives parents the tools to understand any problem that their child is learning and how to best help them. It covers ALL subjects and ALL grades, even test prep. It's super helpful. Also, the app Remind is great for communicating with the school. Whether you want instant updates from the school itself or if you want to communicate with the other parents in the classrooms, this app keeps school communication in one place. Analilia also remind us to take a moment during all the chaos and stop to absorb the positive that is happening. Stop & breathe. 

Paulina also recommends a communication app that she uses at her school, ClassDojo. It's kind of like an IG page for school. It connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing communities. 

Bricia's tip is to open up and share family stories with your child. As she says, "we ask so much of our children to open up to us that we forget to open up to our children, and that's how you build trust." Good point Bricia, good point. 




In honor of National Nutrition Month, we have the INCREDIBLE Agatha Achindu, founder of Yummy Spoonfuls and health advocate, to speak on the importance of nutrition and wellness. When this topic comes up, people automatically associate the terms with food and losing weight (🙋🏽‍♀️& we did too for a while) but we uncover that wellness is multi-dimensional.

“When you really find the inner joy that you love your body you start thinking about the things you put in it”- Agatha Achindu

During our conversation, we learn when and how Agatha found her passion, the risks she took to follow it and the times her faith was tested along the way. Trust us, Agatha is a game changer and nothing will stand in her way in spreading her message.

“It’s important as parents, especially us mothers [because we are the ones who really make the decisions at home] to help our children, to train them from day one to eat healthy so we can give them a legacy of wellness because we all know somebody who has some type of chronic illness that has to do with their lifestyle” - Agatha Achindu

We ask how we as moms can transfer these ideals to our children. As she says, studies have shown that it takes a child up to 99 tries for them to like a certain food - sending you and ourselves...

Agatha Achindu is the founder of Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby & Tots Food. A farm girl at heart, she was raised on her parents’ organic farm in Cameroon, West Africa. Her passion for sharing this deep knowledge of healthy food inspired her to leave a corporate IT career to change the way Americans feed their babies. Change agent and innovator, Agatha shook the grocery industry with a new approach to convenience food. Now she engages audiences worldwide as a panelist, keynote speaker, media personality, and writer. She regularly contributes to the Washington Post, and lectures graduate-level business classes at leading universities. Agatha encourages people to create a better world by living their dreams, and realizing their full potential.

Here are a couple resources she mentions during her interview:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Food Policy Action

For more information and yummy(spoonfuls) & recipes, visit Agatha here: 

@AgathaAchindu Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook

@YummySpoonfuls  Instagram/Twitter/Facebook



Pick or Tip of the Week

Agatha is asking every mom to help another parent who doesn’t have food to feed their kid to reach out and help. As she says, you don't need to make millions to make a difference. 

She also shares with us her 5 healthy back-to-school grocery shopping tips

Also! Look out for Yummy Spoonfuls later this year; they are coming out with food for kids who are up to 5 years old. *heart eyes*

Paulina tip is to be consistent when it comes to introducing healthy food into your kid's diet. 

Bricia shares her how she uses the Notes App on her iPhone for her Master Grocery List. She takes inventory of her pantry & fridge and categorizes them by the layout of the grocery store with checkmarks on the side with the prices, like this:




Hello, Sisters! This week on the podcast, Bricia and Paulina talk date nights, a new tv obsession, reiki energy healing and the ultimate cure to a congested baby. We also open our Super Mamás hotline to answer a question from a new listener, Natalia. She reminds us that we are not alone in this crazy motherhood journey - we have each other. 

If you would like to get advice or just vent, give us a call on our Super Mamás hotline at (424) 326-3707. We'd love to hear from you!

Ladies, there are only a couple more days to join in on McDonald's U.S. Player Escort Sweepstakes! McDonald's is randomly selecting five children, ages 6- 10, and giving them the chance to fly out to Russia and walk hand in hand with some of the world's best soccer players as they take the field for a 2018 FIFA World Cup match. Each Player Escort, along with a parent, will embark on a three-night, four-day trip to Russia, with the first stop in Moscow.

You're probably asking yourself, "how do I enter???" 

From now until Friday, March 16th, create a short video of your child doing a unique 2018 FIFA World Cup "handshake" and share it on Instagram or Twitter tagging @mcdonalds and use both hashtags #ViveTuJuego and #Sweepstakes.  That easy! 

For more information, visit playatmcd.com/ViveTuJuego

We are still sending out our pins!  Leave us a review on iTunes, take a screenshot of it and email it to us at reviews@supermamas.com. We’ll ship it over to you A$AP.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina swears by bugambilia tea to fight congestion. She boiled water, steeped three purple flowers, fed it to Zixta and bam, she was was better in a couple of days. 

Bricia's tip is to ATTEND OUR SUPER MAMÁS SOCIAL 2018!! Click here to purchase tickets. This year we will be providing food and drink for everyone and we're also activating a super papá section. You don't want to miss this, sisters! 

Show Notes

Westbound DTLA




The ultimate Super Mamá is back on the show! In between taking care of the nietos, we found some time to ask our mom personal questions we never had the opportunity to ask growing up. We touch on her dream career as a young girl, her relationship with her own mom, how she met/ran away with our dad, her hobbies growing up and what it was like raising three girls. 

We also discover the differences and similarities between the generations of women in our family & discuss the expectations we’ve set for ourselves as mothers because of how we perceived our own mom. 

Needles to say, this is a very special episode where we learned some new things about #LaMadrinadeCreatividad. Thank you to our mom for being so open to this process! We love you! 


Medico de cuerpo y almas




On this week’s episode, Paulina and Bricia discuss their mommy adventures/stories from the past weekend. One story will having you laughing and the other will give you telenovela Soraya vibes:

Shout-out to Josh the manager at iPic Pasadena!

Paulina also give us an update on how’s she’s making it work with her three kids- from her gate almost coming off the track, to girl scout cookie selling outside the restaurant, and learning how to just do.  

Bricia discusses body/self dysmorphia and the reasons why we need to love ourselves first.

Grab your cup of tea (or some Monte Xanic wine) and join us for some super mamás cheese.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina's aka what Zixta's loving this week is this banana training toothbrush. It's perfect for teething and a great substitution to a finger LOL

If you're a wine person, you're going to L-O-V-E Bricia's. Go to BajaUnitedWines.com, shop around (Bricia's recommendations are either the Calixa Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah - Monte Xanic 2016 or the Gran Ricardo - Monte Xanic 2015) and enter the code: super mamas at checkout and you'll receive 25% off your purchase! 




This week’s Valentine’s Day episode is all about sibling love 👦🏽👧🏽👧🏽 ❤️ Fernando, Bricia and Paulina’s younger brother joins us on the show for the very first time. While you all get to know more about Fernando, Bricia and Paulina also learn a couple of new facts about him along the way. They talk tech, reminisce on childhood memories and of course, chat about #ILoveMicheladas. 

You can find Fernando on IG as @lernandofopez and his business account @ILoveMicheladas. For more info on the MicheMobil & I Love Micheladas, visit ilovemicheladas.com

Pick or Tip of the week

Fernando is looking into buying this Sous Vide and recommended some great podcasts: GaryVee Audio Experience, My Favorite Murder, This American Life, Planet Money, Indicator, Radiolab, Mogul and Reply All

Paulina is purchasing Pixar’s Coco on her Apple TV today! As of February 13th, you can now purchase Coco on all digital platforms. If you prefer Blue-ray, it will be released on February 27th. She’s also been obsessed with this Los Angelez Azules album 💃🏽

As you may have figured, Bricia’s pick this week is all about Amazon’s Echo & Alexa. Right now it’s only $39.99!! #notanad Get yours and share with us how you interact with your Alexa! 

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Show Notes

Hue lights

Disney's Aladdin




Guys. The one and ONLY Marisol AKA La Marisoul from Grammy Award-winning band La Santa Cecilia joins us this week for a comadre session with Bricia and Paulina.

But first, “Adventures with Paulina” brought to you by madresdesesperadas.com (#notanad). What happens when your hair is falling out so you don't want wash it, but your husband wants to cuddle? Paulina shares the tea. 

We serve up more of that tea with Marisol Hernandez, lead singer from La Santa Cecilia. For those who don't know, La Santa Cecilia is a Mexican-American band based in Los Angeles who exemplifies the modern-day creative hybrid of Latin culture, rock and world music. They’ve become the voice of a new bicultural generation in the United States, fully immersed in modern music, but always close to their Latin American influences and Mexican Heritage. La Santa Cecilia won a Grammy in 2014 for Best Latin Rock album for Treinta Dias, were nominated in 2017 for Buenaventura in the same category and are nominated again this year for Best Latin Pop Album for Amar Y Vivir En Vivo Desde La Ciudad De México, 2017.

Marisol shares with us how she started hustling for her dream, singing at La Placita Olvera every weekend since she was 15, the realization/emotional rollercoaster of finding out she was pregnant and how she handled the public’s reaction to her pregnancy. She talks about her pregnancy journey while on tour, her birth story and the special relationship she has with her partner aka su señor *heart eyes*. We also ask her where she and the band get inspiration from, her NEW merchandise line ‘La Pinche Vanidad' and the logistics and experience of traveling with her daughter on tour. 

Catch Marisol on IG as @la_marisoul. You can find La Santa Cecilia on IG as @LaSantaCecilia and for tour dates, check out lasantacecilia.com. To check out Marisol’s new merch line visit lapinchevanidad.com and @lapinchevanidad on IG. 

Pick or Tip of the Week 

Remind yourself of who you are and what your passion is regularly. Marisol went on a solo trip to Oaxaca for 3 days and even though she experienced mom guilt, it was exactly what SHE needed. Don’t forget to love yourself and give yourself time to do it. Do a solo trip, you deserve it.

Paulina has been enjoying some time on a rocking chair with Zixta in her arms. She’s been introducing numbers to Zixta by counting her fingers out loud and singing. At 3 months, she’s teaching her early math skills #talkreadsing. Find more resources on how to introduce your kids to early math and numeracy with First 5 California here

Bricia is still thinking of Pixar’s Coco, and calling for everyone to download the soundtrack. Between Bronco’s “el corridor de Miguel Rivera” and La Santa Cecilia’s “Un Mundo Raro” it’s just too good not to listen. 


Chulas Fronteras (1979)

La Santa Cecilia, Grammy Award-winning album, Trienta Dias

La Santa Cecilia, Grammy Award-nominated album, Buenaventura

La Santa Cecilia, Grammy Award-nominated album, Amar Y Vivir

Coco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

We Love Disney (Latino)




Paulina and Bricia have some much needed real mom talk about normalizing breast feeding on this week’s episode. But first, Paulina starts it off by sharing the darndest things Krista has been saying recently, LOL. 

The idea of having the conversation surrounding breastfeeding came from one of our sisters, Maricela Becerra- @AcademicMami, who wrote us this email: 

Hola Super Mamás, Im a long time fan-listener (academic mami on Instragram). I’m writing because I’m working with some mamis chingonas that I know you would love. It’s a collective called Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA (MOCA). We’re all Ph.D. students at UCLA and also moms. We fight and advocate for the rights of all parenting students. For example, we’re currently protesting the lack of lactation rooms on campus (9 in the entire university and only 2 accessible to students). I got involved about a year and a half ago after seeing a classmate pump in the restroom during our class break because our library doesn’t have a lactation room. As a mom myself, I was horrified she had to pump her liquid gold in a nasty restroom because the university failed to give here a space. So when she told me she had started organizing with fellow student-mamas, I of course joined. Being a student and a mom is already hard, but we are working extra to make sure the mamas after us, or even our own children, don’t have to face the same issues we have. The number of latinos getting Ph.D.’s is already low (0.5%), the number of latina moms getting Ph.D. is much lower that we don’t even have a number. So many mamis have been pushed out of academia because of the lack of support, we’re hoping to change that. This is a link to a post I wrote last year http://blog.parrafomagazine.com/post/144472152142/somos-mam%C3%A1s-mothers-of-color-in-academia-de
— Maricela Becerra, @academicmami

Sisters, please support Maricela and MOCA's petition of 1) securing proposer lactation rooms on campus, 2) advancing accessible childcare for parenting students on campus, 3) developing holistic reproductive support sources on UCLA's campus by clicking HERE. Also, read Maricela's blog post, here. Motherhood is hard enough as it is - we should support one another in the choices we make for ourselves.

With that said, Paulina and Bricia go in-depth and unpack their own opinions about breastfeeding.

Paulina shares a couple of stories that compare her breastfeeding experiences traveling through Mexico and arriving in Los Angeles.

They also discuss the difference between pumping and breastfeeding in public, the Times Up movement and Bricia's epiphany that women generally have less time than men. 

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Pick or Tip of the Week 

Every Sunday Paulina and Sabina bond over making pancakes in the morning and most recently, Paulina has been making it a priority to count the number of cups, teaspoons and even pancakes on the stove to help Sabina with her early math skills.  Find more resources on how to introduce your kids to early math and numeracy on the First 5 California Website. 

Bricia recently discovered Captain Fantastic on Amazon Prime. It's about a man who raises six (yes, six) children in the wilderness. It has an 83% on rotten tomatoes and Rated R. 


Maricela's blogpost, “Somos mamás”: Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA Advocate for Parenting Students"

Support Reproductive Justice for Mothers at UCLA

Podcast - Gary Vaynerchuk

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