This week’s Valentine’s Day episode is all about sibling love 👦🏽👧🏽👧🏽 ❤️ Fernando, Bricia and Paulina’s younger brother joins us on the show for the very first time. While you all get to know more about Fernando, Bricia and Paulina also learn a couple of new facts about him along the way. They talk tech, reminisce on childhood memories and of course, chat about #ILoveMicheladas. 

You can find Fernando on IG as @lernandofopez and his business account @ILoveMicheladas. For more info on the MicheMobil & I Love Micheladas, visit ilovemicheladas.com

Pick or Tip of the week

Fernando is looking into buying this Sous Vide and recommended some great podcasts: GaryVee Audio Experience, My Favorite Murder, This American Life, Planet Money, Indicator, Radiolab, Mogul and Reply All

Paulina is purchasing Pixar’s Coco on her Apple TV today! As of February 13th, you can now purchase Coco on all digital platforms. If you prefer Blue-ray, it will be released on February 27th. She’s also been obsessed with this Los Angelez Azules album 💃🏽

As you may have figured, Bricia’s pick this week is all about Amazon’s Echo & Alexa. Right now it’s only $39.99!! #notanad Get yours and share with us how you interact with your Alexa! 

This episode was sponsored by Easykicks.com, a sneaker club for kids that allows you to swap shoes for your little one as often as you like.  enter code SUPERMAMAS at checkout for $5off your first months subscription. 

Show Notes

Hue lights

Disney's Aladdin