Guys. The one and ONLY Marisol AKA La Marisoul from Grammy Award-winning band La Santa Cecilia joins us this week for a comadre session with Bricia and Paulina.

But first, “Adventures with Paulina” brought to you by madresdesesperadas.com (#notanad). What happens when your hair is falling out so you don't want wash it, but your husband wants to cuddle? Paulina shares the tea. 

We serve up more of that tea with Marisol Hernandez, lead singer from La Santa Cecilia. For those who don't know, La Santa Cecilia is a Mexican-American band based in Los Angeles who exemplifies the modern-day creative hybrid of Latin culture, rock and world music. They’ve become the voice of a new bicultural generation in the United States, fully immersed in modern music, but always close to their Latin American influences and Mexican Heritage. La Santa Cecilia won a Grammy in 2014 for Best Latin Rock album for Treinta Dias, were nominated in 2017 for Buenaventura in the same category and are nominated again this year for Best Latin Pop Album for Amar Y Vivir En Vivo Desde La Ciudad De México, 2017.

Marisol shares with us how she started hustling for her dream, singing at La Placita Olvera every weekend since she was 15, the realization/emotional rollercoaster of finding out she was pregnant and how she handled the public’s reaction to her pregnancy. She talks about her pregnancy journey while on tour, her birth story and the special relationship she has with her partner aka su señor *heart eyes*. We also ask her where she and the band get inspiration from, her NEW merchandise line ‘La Pinche Vanidad' and the logistics and experience of traveling with her daughter on tour. 

Catch Marisol on IG as @la_marisoul. You can find La Santa Cecilia on IG as @LaSantaCecilia and for tour dates, check out lasantacecilia.com. To check out Marisol’s new merch line visit lapinchevanidad.com and @lapinchevanidad on IG. 

Pick or Tip of the Week 

Remind yourself of who you are and what your passion is regularly. Marisol went on a solo trip to Oaxaca for 3 days and even though she experienced mom guilt, it was exactly what SHE needed. Don’t forget to love yourself and give yourself time to do it. Do a solo trip, you deserve it.

Paulina has been enjoying some time on a rocking chair with Zixta in her arms. She’s been introducing numbers to Zixta by counting her fingers out loud and singing. At 3 months, she’s teaching her early math skills #talkreadsing. Find more resources on how to introduce your kids to early math and numeracy with First 5 California here

Bricia is still thinking of Pixar’s Coco, and calling for everyone to download the soundtrack. Between Bronco’s “el corridor de Miguel Rivera” and La Santa Cecilia’s “Un Mundo Raro” it’s just too good not to listen. 


Chulas Fronteras (1979)

La Santa Cecilia, Grammy Award-winning album, Trienta Dias

La Santa Cecilia, Grammy Award-nominated album, Buenaventura

La Santa Cecilia, Grammy Award-nominated album, Amar Y Vivir

Coco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

We Love Disney (Latino)