This week, Paulina is officially back to tell us ALL the chisme from her Oaxaca trip. From spending 7 hours in the Tijuana airport with 3 kids, to her husband getting into a freak accident (FIREWORKS ARE NOT TOYS) & to rebooking her airplane ticket for the second time 😳 - to say the least, the universe and/or her chakras were not aligned. To speak more on chakras (& so much more), we have the FABULOUS Millana Snow as our guest this week on the show. 

Millana Snow is a former New Yorker now living in Venice, CA with her German Shorthair Pointer, Aria. A model and actor for over 12 years, Millana is also a Reiki healer, meditation teacher and Founder of Serene Social, SereneBook.com and the new WellnessOfficial.co; an interactive online marketplace that features the best-of curated practitioners and brands from the global wellness community -launching S/S18. 

Her passion is to connect, empower and support others to heal themselves by expanding consciousness in their everyday lives. Millana, has always lived in a world of contrast, spending her childhood reading the Bhagavad Gita and her tarot cards, she went on to the world of fashion and entertainment becoming the winner of Project Runway and working with clients like YSL, Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Gant as well as working behind the scenes in publishing, public relations and creative direction for VIBE, Uptown Magazine, Vespa and Porsche. Today Millana has integrated these worlds by leading workshops, meditations and talks at NYU, Syracuse, Summit LA17, Soho House, Lululemon, Alexander Wang and more.

We talk & ask...

What is Reiki? 

What do ~*vibrations/high & low frequency*~ mean?

How many chakras do we have? & what are the colors/meaning of each chakra? (we go IN on this subject)

How can we get aligned with our chakras? 

What is our third 👁 used for? 

What are some tips for people who want to start meditating/ be more connected with themselves?

The wide spectrum of meditation (ex. TM, guided meditation, etc.) - ROS PLACE

Breath work

Connect with Millana at MillanaSnow.com or on IG @MillanaSnow

Pick or Tip of the week

Millana HIGHLY recommends this transformational reading, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Paulina is loving Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience App

Bricia receives her daily affirmations at work to give her a push & inspiration from Affirmators! at Work