On this week’s episode, Paulina and Bricia discuss their mommy adventures/stories from the past weekend. One story will having you laughing and the other will give you telenovela Soraya vibes:

Shout-out to Josh the manager at iPic Pasadena!

Paulina also give us an update on how’s she’s making it work with her three kids- from her gate almost coming off the track, to girl scout cookie selling outside the restaurant, and learning how to just do.  

Bricia discusses body/self dysmorphia and the reasons why we need to love ourselves first.

Grab your cup of tea (or some Monte Xanic wine) and join us for some super mamás cheese.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina's aka what Zixta's loving this week is this banana training toothbrush. It's perfect for teething and a great substitution to a finger LOL

If you're a wine person, you're going to L-O-V-E Bricia's. Go to BajaUnitedWines.com, shop around (Bricia's recommendations are either the Calixa Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah - Monte Xanic 2016 or the Gran Ricardo - Monte Xanic 2015) and enter the code: super mamas at checkout and you'll receive 25% off your purchase!