The Super Mamás dynamic duo is back! Bricia has returned from Oaxaca and she and Paulina catch up on the last 3 weeks. Like, what is up with Paulina’s hand? & did Eduardo adapt to speaking Spanish while in Mexico? 

We also read an email from a fellow super mamá about the pressures and judgement of not being fluent in Spanish. To all the haters:

As Paulina and Bricia share their own experiences with being bilingual, they realize a lot about themselves and put their own Spanish to the test which will make you LOL.

Also, the winner of the Delta Giveaway is announced! Congratulations to @CindyLunares! YOU’RE COMING TO THE SUPER MAMÁS SOCIAL! Thank you to everyone who shared your #SuperMamasMoment with us 💗

Pick or Tip of the Week (brought you in Español)

Paulina's pick is Hot Yoga aka "Yoga Caliente" & her favorite pose is non other than "Perro viendo hacia al infierno" 🤣

Bricia's tips include watching Sophia Niño de Rivera: Exposed on Netflix, getting yourself some ziplock bags for traveling & basically, “no gasten dinero en chingaderas” 🤣🤣