Happy 3rd birthday to Eduardo! They grow up so fast 😫 This week on the podcast, Bricia shares how the entire family celebrated Eddie this past weekend and Paulina talks parent teacher conferences.

We also have a Super Mamás longtime listener and educational consultant, Analilia Sanchez on the show! Analilia reached out to us determined to shed light on how we as parents, specially latino parents, can get better involved in our children’s education. 

She gave so many great questions to ask during our child’s parent teacher conferences, such as:

  • Instead of asking, “como se porta mi hijo/hija?” in the beginning, ask that last

  • Most importantly and across all subjects, “what is he/she not understanding”

  • In regards to reading, “Give me specific chapters in the book & how can I support that in the classroom?”

  • “What extra curricular activities does the school offer?”

  • & many more

As an educator and mom, Analilia gives us both perspectives on why we should be more involved. If we as moms push our teachers to work at their potential, then our children will benefit from our involvement. 

As Paulina and Bricia mentions, as immigrants, we view teachers are authorities but forget what our rights as parents are in the classroom. Analilia blew our minds in telling us that in any event where there is parent involvement, there should be a translator in the room.

We also discuss topics like ELAC, DLAC and Common Core that make us go from this...

... to this: 

We also realize (once again) how different Bricia and Paulina are when it comes to parent involvement in the classroom. While Paulina can be considered “that mom”, Bricia is also considered to be “that mom” for different reasons.

If you’re a working mom, don’t be ashamed to ask for help from a “more involvement” parent. As Analilia suggests, you can ask them to share the knowledge and/or you can demand that the school be more flexible for working parents and send out “minutes” in an email or through an app. The possibilities are endless! 

You can find Analilia's new blog, Amigas y Café here: http://www.amigasycafe.com/

Instagram: @AmigasCafe

Twitter: @AmigasyCafe

Pinterest: Amigas y Cafe

Pick or Tip of the Week

Analilia shares with us two awesome websites/apps with us. The first is Kahn Academy, which gives parents the tools to understand any problem that their child is learning and how to best help them. It covers ALL subjects and ALL grades, even test prep. It's super helpful. Also, the app Remind is great for communicating with the school. Whether you want instant updates from the school itself or if you want to communicate with the other parents in the classrooms, this app keeps school communication in one place. Analilia also remind us to take a moment during all the chaos and stop to absorb the positive that is happening. Stop & breathe. 

Paulina also recommends a communication app that she uses at her school, ClassDojo. It's kind of like an IG page for school. It connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing communities. 

Bricia's tip is to open up and share family stories with your child. As she says, "we ask so much of our children to open up to us that we forget to open up to our children, and that's how you build trust." Good point Bricia, good point.