Paulina and Bricia have some much needed real mom talk about normalizing breast feeding on this week’s episode. But first, Paulina starts it off by sharing the darndest things Krista has been saying recently, LOL. 

The idea of having the conversation surrounding breastfeeding came from one of our sisters, Maricela Becerra- @AcademicMami, who wrote us this email: 

Hola Super Mamás, Im a long time fan-listener (academic mami on Instragram). I’m writing because I’m working with some mamis chingonas that I know you would love. It’s a collective called Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA (MOCA). We’re all Ph.D. students at UCLA and also moms. We fight and advocate for the rights of all parenting students. For example, we’re currently protesting the lack of lactation rooms on campus (9 in the entire university and only 2 accessible to students). I got involved about a year and a half ago after seeing a classmate pump in the restroom during our class break because our library doesn’t have a lactation room. As a mom myself, I was horrified she had to pump her liquid gold in a nasty restroom because the university failed to give here a space. So when she told me she had started organizing with fellow student-mamas, I of course joined. Being a student and a mom is already hard, but we are working extra to make sure the mamas after us, or even our own children, don’t have to face the same issues we have. The number of latinos getting Ph.D.’s is already low (0.5%), the number of latina moms getting Ph.D. is much lower that we don’t even have a number. So many mamis have been pushed out of academia because of the lack of support, we’re hoping to change that. This is a link to a post I wrote last year http://blog.parrafomagazine.com/post/144472152142/somos-mam%C3%A1s-mothers-of-color-in-academia-de
— Maricela Becerra, @academicmami

Sisters, please support Maricela and MOCA's petition of 1) securing proposer lactation rooms on campus, 2) advancing accessible childcare for parenting students on campus, 3) developing holistic reproductive support sources on UCLA's campus by clicking HERE. Also, read Maricela's blog post, here. Motherhood is hard enough as it is - we should support one another in the choices we make for ourselves.

With that said, Paulina and Bricia go in-depth and unpack their own opinions about breastfeeding.

Paulina shares a couple of stories that compare her breastfeeding experiences traveling through Mexico and arriving in Los Angeles.

They also discuss the difference between pumping and breastfeeding in public, the Times Up movement and Bricia's epiphany that women generally have less time than men. 

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Pick or Tip of the Week 

Every Sunday Paulina and Sabina bond over making pancakes in the morning and most recently, Paulina has been making it a priority to count the number of cups, teaspoons and even pancakes on the stove to help Sabina with her early math skills.  Find more resources on how to introduce your kids to early math and numeracy on the First 5 California Website. 

Bricia recently discovered Captain Fantastic on Amazon Prime. It's about a man who raises six (yes, six) children in the wilderness. It has an 83% on rotten tomatoes and Rated R. 


Maricela's blogpost, “Somos mamás”: Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA Advocate for Parenting Students"

Support Reproductive Justice for Mothers at UCLA

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