V-Day Bonus Episode: Dating/Relationship Q&A with Dating Coach, Damona Hoffman


Happy Valentines Day, ladies! We are bringing you a very special V-Day bonus episode with dating coach, TV personality and Dates & Mates podcast host, Damona Hoffman to answer YOUR dating/relationship questions submitted via Instagram.

We touch on single mom dating tips, warning signs to break up with someone, casual versus serious dating, flirting/dating tips, dating after a break-up, sleeping with someone on the first date, how to date your own spouse, plus so many more relationship/dating gems.

Q&A with Damona Hoffman

How did you get into being a dating coach?

Who should go see you?

What are your dating tips for single moms?

How long until they meet your kids?

Casually dating versus serious dating

Where can 40 somethings meet men when online is not working?

Flirting tips

First date tips

Sleeping with someone on the first date

How do you talk about becoming official?

What are the signs to break-up with someone?

Is there a right time to start dating after a big break up?

How do you deal with your own crazy exes in a new relationship? Do you tell your new partner about them?

Dating with you’re married (with your partner, not other people)

Like what you heard? Listen to Damona’s Podcast, Dates & Mates plus follow her on IG as @DamonaHoffman and visit her website DamonaHoffman.com for all the fun resources mentioned on the show, such as the Relationship Bootcamp course.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Damona’s tip is using TaskRabbit to outsource small tasks to free up your time! At the end of the day, it’ll reduce stress between you and your spouse AND allow that freed up time to be spent together

Paulina and her husband LOVE going to the movies for their date nights. She recommends using Fandango as a resource to book your own movie date. You can find a dine-in movie theater that serves food & drinks inside, plus select your seats before arriving. It’s super easy!

After our interview with water healer Rocio Navarro, Bricia booked her appointment and the results are in- IT’S LIFE CHANGING! She recommends you booking your appointment asap. You can use Steamy Chick as a resource as well.