Episode 183: Poop, Bloating, Mind/Gut connection & more with Dietician, Sarah Greenfield

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Struggling with stomach issues? Well, this episode is for you! This week on the show, we talk all about our digestive health with registered dietician and poop aficionado, Sarah Greenfield AKA Fearless Fig. We learn key strategies to improve our poops, aid constipation, ways to decrease bloating, the magic of enzymes and how our mind plays a HUGE role in gut health. If this doesn’t make you serious about your poops, we don’t know what will.

Want to work with Sarah or learn more? Follow her on IG as @FearlessFig and visit her website, FearlessFig.com.

Our conversation with Sarah Greenfield

What exactly is poop made out of?

How many times a day is considered normal?

How can we read our poop?

The connection between the mind and the gut

Supplements to avoid and supplements to integrate into your diet

Constipation, farting & ways to decrease bloating

Stomach parasites

Broad Spectrum Enzymes- what they are & why we need them

How our diet affects our poop

Positioning on the toilet

Pick or Tip of the Week

Sarah is super into dry brushing right now. It exfoliates you skin, leaving it super soft and leaves it plumped and radiant due to an increase in circulation.

Paulina loves her WaterWipes, which are 99.9% water. As Sarah said, the skin around our butt is very thin and it can easily absorb toxins, so it’s best to stay away from strong fragrance wipes.

Bricia loves her lavender and vanilla Poo-Pourri, Be sure to spray before pooping! It doesn’t work as well post-poop. Since we’re still in flu season, she swears by the doTERRA Oregano & Lemon oil. She puts 6 drops of oregano & 2 drops of lemon in a vegetarian capsules and takes it every 3 days during the flu season. She also takes this Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.


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