Episode 181: Keeping it Real with the Super Mamás


This week on the show we bring you a very special segment where we discuss YOUR super mamá moments of the month presented by FuertesConLeche.com. We also catch you up on what’s going on in our lives- from Krista’s girl scout cookies (& Bricia’s “mole-quitas” proposal), an update on Eddie’s birthday party and we share the perfect recipe for any classroom on Valentine’s Day.

Want to join us in making churros for your class this year for Valentine’s Day? Check out our blog post on Bricia’s churro recipe, here. Make sure to add a bit more salt, per Paulina’s request 🤣 & take a gallon of delicious milk for everyone.

If you want to opt for cookies, check out some recipes out on Fuertes con Leche

Super Mamá Moments of the Month

“I’m Aileen Saucedo with Zeal pressed Juicery in my super mama moment this week was on Sunday when I was invited to speak at the manifest workshop here in Bakersfield and to just share on how I was able to manifest my dreams through the vision board that I created back in 2016 it was my first time speaking to a large group of women and it was so nervous I wanted to bars every time I thought about it but I’m so glad and thankful that I got the opportunity to speak and to inspire other women to dream wildly just as I did!”

@gratitudejoy: I baked my sons’ birthday cake & he loved it

@wonderwoman714: Potty training a 2 year old old.. Head strong but momma puede mas!

@Mayrita_a: Went to the gym, i didn’t want to but I did! Mommy time is important too

@Isabelcirina: Pulled a muscle on my back and almost fainted but managed to breastfeed while waited for help
@raisingspanish: Flew to Houston to help my sister with her business while juggling my real job over the phone and my husband

@madriana91: Gave another mom a bandaid after the birthday girl got a papercut while opening a gift
@iamnormaelizabeth: I sat at my daughter’s cheer competition for 10 hours

@misraicesysemillas: FINALLY started my blog after years of procrastination, 4 kids & being 32 weeks pregnant!

@lizgonzal_f: Partied so hard for SuperBowl, woke up at 7:45. My son starts school at 7:50 #momfail

Want to be featured on our new segment of Super Mama Moments? Email us at hello@supermamas.com or give us a call at (424) 326-3707 to have your moment on the show!

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina gave us a couple of great ways to incorporate milk in your every day! Add milk to frijoles to make them creamy, corn flakes, leche & platano is always a winner or make yourself a delicious licuado de platano y nuez or de fresa and top it off with some ground cinnamon & the best part of it all, is that it’s nutritious- From whole milk to flavored to fat-free milk – even lactose free milk, all of them contain 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

You know what else pairs AMAZING with milk? Girls Scout Cookies! Support Krista’s troop by buying your cookies online, here.

If you’re planning on gifting a new mom baby clothes, think again! Bricia recommends purchasing The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. The baby most likely already has everything she/he needs so focusing on the health of the mother is the next on the list!