Episode 178: Water healing & Vaginal Steaming with Energy & Sound healer, Rocio Navarro


This week on the show, we have water healer, aquatic bodyworker, holistic healing artist, Vaginal Steam Hydrotherapist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Counselor, Energy and Sound Healer - Rocio Navarro. She takes us through her journey in becoming a water healer, the water healing experience, the benefits of vaginal steaming, the lowdown on cramping, cranio-sacral therapy, the importance connecting with our womb-self and the value of gaining a state of surrender within oneself, plus so much more.

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia give us a quick update on their lives. Paulina is having a pretty positive experience with Arian Simone’s Fearless Faith + Hustle: 21 Day Devotional Journey and she’s even following through with one of her New Year resolutions! Yay, Paulina!

Our conversation with Rocio Navarro

How did you begin your water healing journey?

Water Healing

What do people experience while their submerged? What do they discover about themselves?

What are some impactful breakthroughs you’ve experienced as a healer?

How long is a session?

How often would you recommend someone go through this?

Vaginal Steaming

Where did vaginal steaming originate?

What are the benefits?

Who would you recommend it to?

The lowdown on cramping

When is the best time in your cycle to do this?

Vaginal steaming from start to finish-How long, are you naked, does it hurt? What does it feel like?

Cranio-sacral therapy

The importance of our connection with our womb-self

For more information and to contact Rocio, visit her website https://www.rocionavarro.org & follow her on IG @water_healing for updates on her upcoming events. Interested in attending her next Hot Spring Sound bath? Buy tickets here.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Rocio suggests swapping out your Epsom salt bathes for Magnesium flakes/salt during your next bath. It’ll help you sleep and promotes healthy brain function.

Paulina swears by the Melissa oil from DoTerra. She rubbed it onto her baby’s heals every night and it 100% made a difference in calming her down.

Bricia’s tip is to rotate your underwear out every year and purchase 100% cotton (or bamboo) underwear. Think about it. Your 2 year old chonies need to go.

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