Episode 202: The Benefits & Frustrations of Being Bilingual with Lizet Alvarez of @chiquisocial


Hey super mamas, we’re back with another new episode! This week we’re interviewing Lizet Alvarez of Chiqui Social. She’s talking about how she created the bilingual social club & event space that is Chiqui Social, the courage & dedication it takes to work on your passion project (spoiler alert: it’s not easy), and the shame that some latinos receive for not speaking Spanish. Lizet is also sharing great tips for practicing Spanish with your kids at home, and we know we’ll be putting our kids to work!

Before the interview, we talk about our favorite time of the year - summer! Paulina’s life has been super chill & easy lately since her husband is working a lot and Krista & Sabina are in Mexico. She’s had a lot of extra time for self-care but she’s really missing her family time. Bricia’s husband was also out of town this weekend so she took her son to Disney’s California Adventure, went swimming and played super smash brothers. Both super mamas are loving this summer and are soaking it all in!

Pick or Tip of the Week

Sorry team tampon, Paulina’s pick is for all the pad lovers. #padsquad 😆 This is pad you’ve been searching for. They’re from the Honey Pot Company and they’re made with cotton & essential oils. It’s been helping her feel fresh, clean, and this is the first time she’s actually enjoying the smell. 😂

She also has an extra tip this week! Her sister, Elizabeth, introduced her to a podcast called Sex with Emily. It’s all about sex, relationships and more, so definitely don’t listen to it around the kids. The podcast mentions the vibrator, Moxie by We-Vibe, which is controlled via Bluetooth and is now on Paulina’s birthday wish list. 

Bricia has an anti-tip this week and wants suggestions from you! She bought a new booster seat for her son, but every time he naps in the car, his head falls forward. She bought him a neck pillow which works because it keeps his neck upright but then he folds over (check out the picture below). There’s also those weird headband things to hold his head back but her son thinks “it’s too silly” so that’s not really an option.

What’s your favorite product out there for this problem, mamas? Please send us your suggestions, tips, hacks, inventions - we want to know!



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