Episode 185: Re-Parenting Ourselves & Unpacking Intergenerational Trauma with Latinx Parenting

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This week on the show we have the co-founders of Latinx Parenting, Leslie Priscilla Arreola-Hillenbrand and Lizeth Toscano. Rooted in social justice, this bilingual organization curates parenting workshops for intergenerational families to practice nonviolence towards themselves, self reflection & connection and overall community wellness for every generation. We unpack the common traumas in our community, how it affects our parenting and explain terms like “Marianismo” and "Familismo” and more.

Before the interview, Bricia gives us an inside on her wild mom’s night out and the perfect unknown park in LA- don’t worry, we’ll share. Click here. Also, Paulina explains why she and her girls LOVED Captain Marvel.

Our conversation with Latinx Parenting

How Latinx Parenting began

The importance of our community understanding brain development and trauma

The most common traumas Latinx parents are struggling with

How our traumas are manifesting in our parenting

Tips of creating boundaries with our parents/in-laws

The importance of being culturally relevant to both intergenerational immigrant and U.S. born Latinx families

You can get in contact with both Lizbeth & Leslie visit their website, www.latinxparenting.org or follow them on Instagram as, @LatinxParenting. You can also follow Lizeth on IG as @LizToscano & Leslie as @comadre.wellness.

For more information on their events, check them out here.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Lizeth’s book recommendations:

The Whole Child
Unconditional Parenting

Lizeth also recommends getting yourself some peppermint and breathe doTerra essential oils from @AceiteMama to fight off any colds! Also, Elderberry has been working wonders for her.

Leslie’s book recommendations:

Parenting From the Inside Out

Parenting with Pride- Latino Style

Raising Nuestros Ninos


The Deepest Well

To add to Lizeth’s flu-fighting remedies, Bricia has concocted a special tea- Respiratory Blend from Wild Terra, chopped up ginger, 2 drops of doTerra lemon essential oil & crushed up zinc pill. She has been packing this lukewarm and sending Eddie off to school with it.