Episode 186- Raising Multiracial Children and Speaking on Social Impact with Elsa Marie Collins


This week on the show we have the lovely, Elsa Marie Collins- social impact leader, activist and all-around powerhouse of a woman. She is the co-founder of social impact consulting group, The Ideateur and lead LA organizer of #ThisIsAboutHumanity. She talks to us about pivoting careers, turning her passion for social impact and politics into a business, being the mother of three multiracial children, talking to her children about race & so much more.

Our Conversation with Elsa Marie Collins

Her purpose and mission in creating BabyTalk LA

How the 2016 election and a vocal injury led to the creation of The Ideateur

& This is About Humanity - her social impact project

How she splits her time into both of her businesses

Recommitting to understanding “no” as a complete sentence

How she balances motherhood and her passions

Receiving and accepting help

Marrying out her race & the response from her family

Her article, “How to Talk to your Kids about Race” & raising multiracial children

Follow Elsa and her projects on Instagram as @ThisIsAboutHumanity, @TheIdeateur and @ElsaMarieCollins.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Elsa swears by her 16oz of pure celery juice- invest in a juicer! She’s seen a huge decline in her acid reflux and her daughter’s eczema has disappeared. Who’s down to try??

Paulina is choosing to compost! Here’s a guide on what it is and how to do it.

In her efforts in making Eduardo Jr. speak more spanish, she’s seeing a lot of success with Originator’s app, Endless Spanish.