Episode 187: Keeping it Real with Dr. Shapiro


Apart from March being Women History month, it’s also Nutrition month! We have pediatrician Dr. Shapiro dropping knowledge on all things nutrition. We talk the 9 essentials nutrients that are essential to our kids diet, the ways we can keep our children healthy & fun ways to incorporate milk into both our and our children’s diets. Also, "Dr. Shaps"  helps Paulina overcome her mom guilt and helps us all debunk old Latino health myths. This episode is brought to you by FuertesConLeche.com!

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia debrief on the weekend and all things Eduardo’s birthday. From the food, to the balloons and of course, the Red Ranger 🤣

Our conversation with Dr. Shapiro

What made you decide on becoming a doctor? 

The reason why the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages milk with most meals

The 9 essential nutrients that kids are lacking & how milk can help us supplement it

  Protein, calcium, Vitamin D, phosphorus, B Vitamins, Vitamin A, Potassium- explained

Creative ways to incorporate milk into our diets to make it more nutritious- licuado de platano, overnight oats, and our all-time favorite, enfrijoladas

What happens when we stop supplementing our bodies with calcium and vitamin D 

How we can combat this statistic- 1 out of 2 kids 9 years and older in the United States is not consuming enough calcium, potassium, and vitamin D

The importance of having balanced nutritious meal and tips for getting our kids moving

VERDICT- Is it Paulina’s fault that her daughter went back into the hospital? 

RSV explained 

Debunking old Latino myths - el aire, hot/cold showers, air conditioning

Pick or Tip of the Week

Dr. Shapiro’s tip is to continuously have family dinners & ask what 3 things you’re most grateful for to every member in the family.

Since Krista is a picky eater and doesn’t eat vegetables, Paulina has compromised with her. Krista is choosing what she has for lunch every week but Paulina gets to add all the vegetables she wants. Pizza? No problem, add more veggies. Also, Paulina recommends you all check out Village Market Place, which provides access to good food the residents of South LA.

Bricia’s tips include medicine and dance! She figured out the perfect way to give Eduardo medicine and it’s genius. We’ll upload the video to IG! & her favorite show to watch with her family is NBC’s World of Dance! Have you all watched?