Our keeping up with the Super Mamás episode is back with a special back-to-school themed episode. The first day back to school is right around the corner and we discuss Paulina’s experience with Sabina’s school, Bricia’s efforts to get more involved, uniforms & school lunches, the ratio of kids to teachers and our school year goals. But first, Paulina talks about her weekend with all 4 kids (is baby #4 on the way? LOL) and Bricia fills us in on he romantic trip to Nashville. 

We want to know what your school year goals are! Comment them below. 

In conversation with the Super Mamás

(3:05): Paulina's weekend with all 4 kids

(5:45): Bricia's trip to Nashville!

(8:24): Expectation vs Reality 

(14:25): Is baby #4 on the way anytime soon?

((16:37): Bricia's welcome to pre-school packet 

(17:39): The reality of not being involved at your child's schooling 

(18:31): Bricia's tip to getting more involved & the ratio of kids:teachers 

(20:28): Being empathetic with your teachers 

(21:45): Being present and noticing the slight differences with your kids 

(24:44): The consequences Paulina noticed of not being involved with Sabina' schooling

(25:15): Uniforms & school clothes 

(34:44): School lunches 

(38:40): Homework 

(39:30): TK / Preschool questions. Listen to both of these for more information:

EP-08: Bilingual Struggles & Episode 30- Early Education 101

(42:40): Craving a routine/consistency 

Pick or Tip of the Week

(45:23): In a rush to a birthday party and not prepared for a gift? Hit up your local Barnes & Noble, pick up a book and get it wrapped for FREE. Yes, free! Thanks, Paulina! 

QUICK STORY (50:16): The most graceful mom in the airport 

(52:47): Bricia's in love with her ABLE bag that she purchased in Nashville & her Goe Oil from Jao Brand. Also, if you're ever in Nashville, hit up White's Mercantile!