EPISODE 160: Twins, career & fun at the LA county Fair with Cielo Castro


This week on the show we have mom boss Cielo Castro, Chief of Staff at Fairlplex to speak on how she navigates motherhood of TWINS and her new job/ career move. We also speak on work-life balance with a 10-12hr day, putting her mom guilt aside for her career and how she makes it all work at home with her husband's help. We also talk about all the new exciting things at this year's LA County Fair in Pomona. With Cielo's help, the fair has become so much more family-friendly and she shares with us all the ways we can all save. 

Before the interview, Bricia and Paulina reminisce on our Super Mamás Night Out event! Thank you ladies for making this one the best event yet! For more information and pics, click here

Also! Want to visit the LA County Fair this year? Visit our SM IG to learn how YOU can win a family 4-pack to the fair and/or use the LACOUNTY code for 6.60 entry on September 2nd! The fair runs from Aug. 31 – Sept. 23 (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays except Labor Day, Sept. 3).

For more information about the LA County Fair visit the LA County Fair website, Facebook Instagram and Twitter & Fairplex's Instagram. 

BIO- Cielo is Chief of Staff at Fairplex, a nonprofit, 501(c)5 organization that leads a 487-acre campus proudly located in the City of Pomona.  Fairplex is a public-private partnership with the County of Los Angeles and is home of the LA County Fair and more than 500 year-round events.  She came to Fairplex after serving as Transparency Officer for the City of Los Angeles Office of City Administrative Officer, acting as executive liaison with external stakeholders and providing oversight support for the City’s $8 billion budget.  Cielo was previously Deputy to Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis, where she was responsible for discretionary grantmaking; staff hiring, recruitment and development; and policy issues including immigration, housing and community development.   Cielo served the Obama Administration as Special Assistant at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, DC, where she advised the Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development on policy and political matters regarding a $50 billion grant portfolio and over 1,200 grantees.  Previously, she had seven years of experience working with elected officials as Director of Constituency Services with the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund, and in outreach roles with the National League of Cities.  

Our conversation with Cielo Castro

(11:27): How did you get started with Fairplex?

(13:32): Tell us how amazing it was working for the Obama administration

(14:53): Where did you get your masters?

(17:20): What is life with twins?

(18:17): How did you transition from your new role & motherhood?

(20:01): How did having kids help you in your field?

(21:44): How do you plan your schedule? 

(25:30): What did you family say about your marriage dynamic? How did that conversation start?

(33:45): What is it inside of you that helps you put your mom guilt aside?

Get your Kicks...at the LA County Fair

(38:50): How long have you been prepping for this?

(39:10): When does it open? & where is it?

(40:15): Have the twins been out to the fair yet?

(41:28): The theme of this year’s fair! 

(43:40): Stay saving at the LA County Fair- The LA County Fair has $6.60 admissions deals for LA County residents on Sept 2nd. Here is a link to more than a dozen ways to save 

(46:25): How big is your team?

(49:56): Fairplex app 



(51:42): Date night ideas 

(55:21): Animals at the Fair! 

(58:12): FairKids field trip programs

Pick of Tip of the Week 

(59:24): Cielo recommends everyone sign up for that Amazon Prime subscription! Get on it, ladies. 

(1:00:42): Paulina's secret to her under eyes is OLEHENRIKSEN's Banana Bright Eye Crème & OLEHENRIKSEN3 Makeup Wonders Kit

(1:01:56): Bricia is getting prepared for the LA County Fair with her SPF 50 spray from SUPERGOOP! & here's the photo of Bricia's ideal driving situation: