Episode 206: Keeping Up with the Super Mamas: Back to the Grind


We’re back on the mic, back to school and back to the grind! It’s been a while since we brought you an update because yes, we forgot to upload an episode last week 🤦🏽‍♀️ but we’ve been pretty busy. We announced our new family cookbook (pre-order it on Amazon here!), Bricia has been traveling to Las Vegas to prep the new bar opening next month, and Paulina is back from Oaxaca and her daughters have started school. Basically, it’s been a whirlwind and this isn’t even half of it.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina pick this week is the store, The Children’s Place, for school uniforms. It came up on her Amazon feed as a brand while she was shopping last minute for the girls’ uniforms. It’s a wonder she has never thought of it before because everything is so inexpensive! There are so many options and colors, she’s definitely coming here next time she has to stock up on uniforms.

Per usual, Bricia has a bougie ass pick. 😂 She has been traveling a lot and someone asked her what her top 3 things when she travels. One of her must have products are under eye patches. Her facialist, Natalie, never pushes products on her, but when Bricia asked for under eye patches to preps her skin for makeup, she recommended CHANEL Firming - Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer patches - and they actually work. There are 10 patches in a box for $130 (that’s $13 per patch). Put the serum on, then the patch, leave on for 10-15 minutes and when you remove, you look really awake and it makes a difference. If you’re getting married, going to a special event or it’s your birthday, make the splurge. It works!