This week on the podcast we have the ultimate mom boss, Mari Ronquillo from Lyme Lite Media to speak on the challenges of single motherhood, building her very successful business from the bottom up, her pure hustling mindset and the motivation behind achieving her dreams. Mari keeps things very real and opens up about all the struggles she faced to show us all that no matter what obstacle you face, you can & will overcome.  

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia discuss how both their summers are going. Bricia is heading to Nashville this weekend, while Paulina is going to take care of her kids plus little Eddie. We also get into to Bricia's first playdate experience and the proper ettiequte. What are your playdate guidelines? Comment below! 

Lyme Lite Media and PR was founded by Mari Ronquillo in 2007. Raised by immigrant parents, mother from Mexico and her father from the Philippines, they instilled hard work and passion into her at an early age. While working as an intern producer at 93.5 KDAY Los AngelesMari realized that her gift was far more then production, but to help artists get exposure. Her first opportunity to get an artist exposure ended up becoming a success and led her to event coordinate all in one for one of the biggest concerts that year.

Mari then Graduated with her BA in Multi Media Production from Cal State Northridge, and started Lyme Lite Media -a full service Public Relations firm that would soon become one of the most sought out boutique PR Firms within the business. 

You can follow Mari Ronquillo on Instagram, @lymelitemedia

Our conversation with Mari Ronquillo

(16:52): Who is Mari Ronquillo?

(17:50): How did you get started in the industry?

(23:34): What got you through those moments when you felt like you couldn’t do it?

(25:35): Her biggest break & asking for help despite her pride

(27:30): Family & tough love

(33:20): Let's brag real quick 

(34:40): What do you attribute your success to?

(36:03): Tell us your motherhood journey

(42:40): Therapy & checking up on your strong friends

(45:16): How has being a single mom has empowered you? 

(46:57): Do you practice self-care/ how?

(48:26): What would you say to other single moms?

(51:25): Getting rid of mom guilt

(54:46): Dating life 😘

Pick or Tip of the Week

(59:08): Mari's pick is a book she could not put down on her vacation, Angie Martinez's, My Voice: A Memoir. Highly recommends it! 

(1:00:02): Paulina's HeartMoon Organics deodorant never fails her, especially during these hot and humid days in LA. Her favorite scent is the lavender one. 

(1:02:12): Bricia lists sooo many baking soda hacks. Did you know that if you can mix it with vinegar and clean the inside of your washing machine with it? Listen for more hacks.