Episode 180: Teen Mental Health with Latinx Therapy

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This week on the podcast we tackle teen mental health with Latinx Therapy’s, Adriana Alejandre. Adriana is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Speaker that specializes in teens and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression and trauma. We talk social media, how to talk to our kids about bullying, what teenagers need from their parents, troubling signs to be aware of, body image, gender identity, what therapy looks like & so much more. Moms to teens, this one is for you.

Adriana owns her own practice in Porter Ranch, Counseling and Trauma Therapy. She is also the founder of Latinx Therapy, the podcast and directory to not only find a bilingual Latinx mental health professional, but the place to learn more about taboo-like topics in our culture. 

Adriana was also a single teen mother and has an almost 9 year old son. Giving particular attention to her mental health during the birth of her son helped her realize that she was not alone, and it was this experience that motivated her to specialize in teens. Adriana has been featured in CosmopolitanFairyGodBossHello GigglesAC OnlineFierce by MituUnivision and more.

Our conversation with Adriana Alejandre

When did you start LatinX Therapy?

What types of topics do you specialize in?

What motivated you to start Latinx therapy?

What kind of issues most common amongst teens these days?

What are some things that you would recommend to parents to manage social media usage?

Bullying & Social Media

How can we speak to our teenagers that are going through bullying

What do teenagers need from their parents?

What are some signs that we can identify to take our kids that’s an indicator that they should go see a therapist?

How do you bring up therapy to your child?

What is the best age to talk about mental health to your child

What to deal with THAT friend of your chid’s

How can parents keep that connection with their teen?

How do we address body image with our teens (especially girls)

Gender identity

What is the best way, we as parents can help relieve our kids stress?

What can we expect from taking our teen to therapy

What types of therapy are there for teens?

What does a counseling session look like?

For more information and/or to reach out to Adriana, follow @LatinxTherapy on IG and visit latinxtherapy.com.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Adriana’s tip is to attend a parenting support group in your area. Google “parent support group” and find your closest location and check out her recommended books, here. Also, If you’re a Modern Family fan, watch S.10 Ep.14 where they tackle depression.

If you’re still on the fence about therapy, Paulina recommends reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle. This great book outlines how therapy can work for you.

Bricia’s tip to every parent is to watch two movies: Eighth Grade( It outlines the issues that were spoken throughout this interview and how we can all get informed as parents) & Wonder (beautiful film that will show your kid empathy).