Episode 177: Keeping it Real with Claudette Zepeda Wilkins


With her purple hair and all her realness, we have the incredible and unapologetic Claudette Zepede Wilkins back on the show this week,  presented by FuertesConLeche.com! This past Friday we drove down to San Diego to share our moments of tradition with Milk and got down on THE most delicious breakfast at her new restaurant, El Jardín. We sat down and talked about realizing her dream, learning how to accept compliments, embracing our traditions and food, to her recipes and we relived moments about our childhood that we LOVED.

Before the interview, you know who has the keys? Not Paulina, that’s for sure. Paulina takes us through her key adventure which is a great lesson to everyone: get yourself a spare key. Also, SHOUT OUT to our San Diego moms for taking the time to enjoy some matcha with us. WE LOVED MEETING YOU ALL!


What was your goal in opening El Jardin?

Where do you source your ingredients?

Mexicans embracing Mexican food 

Including our children in our family business

What inspired today’s Milk Menu?

Remembering the moments with milk from our childhood. Who else can eat corn flakes, leche and platano everyday?

Claudette’s recipes with Milk

Why milk is a key ingredient in our traditional dishes

Why milk is important for our kids

Reinventing what “poor mans food” is

What is it like now to have a 13 & 15 year old

Claudette’s first episode with us: EPISODE 101: THE SCHOOL OF LIFE WI/ CLAUDETTE ZEPEDA WILKINS

How would u have been different as a daughter now that you’re a mom?


Holy Matcha