Episode 161: Conscious Parenting with Somos Padres, Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca


This week on the podcast we have our friend and co-host of the Somos Padres Podcast, Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca. We discuss Yesenia's 6-episode Summer Series podcast project in which she deconstructs the meaning of parenting. We ask her questions such as: what is your definition of discipline? How do we set limits on our child in a healthy way? Is parenting a selfish act? We also do a dive deep into quotes from the ultimate conscious parenting expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

But first, Bricia is away in Oaxaca so Paulina and Elizabeth sit down and chat about their long Labor Day weekend. 

You can stream Somos Padres on iTunes and find them at somos-padres.com and on Instagram as @somos.padres. Follow Yesenia on Instagram as @Iam.Yesenia

Our conversation with Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca

(12:50): How did you come up with the summer series idea?

(13:50): Episode 21: Summer Series (Ep.1): Deconstructing Parenting

(15:00): Episode 22: Summer Series (Ep.2) Discipline

(17:30): Episode 23: Summer Series (Ep.3): Conditional vs Unconditional love

(24:50):  Episode 24: Summer Series (Ep.4): Inequality [in our homes]

(28:28): Episode 25: Summer Series (Ep.5): Is Parenting a Selfish Act?

VIDEO: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations - Dr. Shefali Tsabary: Conscious Parenting Can Change the World

(35:30): Deconstructing- “we not only want them to represent ourselves but the better part of ourselves that we haven’t even become yet”

(38:40): Deconstructing- “Raising our children without a hierarchical view - what kind of children are you going to have if you’re not in charge?”

(40:38): what is true self-care?

(45:00): Deconstructing- "Parents would rather believe that they have a bad child then accept that it’s an inner problem for themselves. the unacceptance of our child’s essence, every manifestation of that is where we have to grow. We are scared to drop our ego’s”

Pick or Tip of the Week

Yesenia suggests that we take a parenting class that speaks to us specifically, start looking with ECHO. Also, curious about her reading list? Click here and add the The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer to it. 

Paulina is all about the Oprah podcast. Listen to her interview with Dani Shapiro: What Do You Believe?

Bricia's ultimate spiritual read is The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. Tip: Listen to it via audible because it can get DEEP.