Episode 162: Learning to Give Back with Global Gift Foundation's Alina Peralta


This week on the show we have #MomBoss Alina Peralta, founder of Global Gift Foundation USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to working on projects that benefit women and children. We talk about her journey in building the multinational organization, why it is important to teach our children to give back from a young age and the many ways that we can give back even when it is not within our budget. 

Bricia is back from Oaxaca and she tells us a really funny story about little Eduardo. She also recommends us to check out the RISE Together podcast, a relationship and marriage podcast.

You can find more information about the Global Gift Foundation by visiting their website GlobalGiftFoundationUSA.org, following them on IG as @GlobalGiftUSA and Facebook.

our interview with Alina Peralta

(7:14): What is the overall mission of the Global Gift Foundation

(8:01): What was your first job? 

(9:26): How did you get from that first job to creating your foundation?

(10:34): How did you end up in Europe?

(13:33): What do you think prepared you for your job today?

(19:33): Do you think that the only way we can teach our children is by example? 

(23:40): Tips on how can we teach our children to give back & how do you start your own non-profit?

(27:13) Do you have tips on how much we should give back? Is there a right amount?

(30:40): Are there any other ways to give back that doesn’t involve money?

(34:55): How do you think that [being brought up by women] shaped who you are today?

Pick or Tip of the week

(42:36): Alina dropped some major picks: Dove’s Exfoliating Body Polish, Blueberry Açaí Facial scrub from Trader Joe’s and Olly Vitamins (women’s multi, vibrant skin, restful sleep, endless energy, goodbye stress & kids multi + probiotics are her favorite)

(46:20): Bricia also LOVES the restless sleep Olly vitamin. She only takes one and it gives her the best sleep ever without feeling groggy in the morning.

(48:50): Paulina recommends us calling 211 or their website for general information on mental health, housing, heath care, income & employment, etc.