EPISODE 156: SKIN CARE basics W/ Afterglow beverly hills, NATALIE AGUILAR


Hello ladies! This Tuesday we have an episode that'll make you keep a gallon of water right by your side. We have the amazing Natalie Aguilar- Human, Woman, Nurse, & Aesthetician in the studio and we talk EVERYTHING skincare. From the absolute necessary products you need, serums, facials, jade rollers, dark eye circles, IV drips, micro-needling, botox & so much more! But before we get into all that, Paulina's kids are back & Bricia speaks on the passing of LA Times restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold. This is a long one, BUT you'll for sure have all the tools you need to get your GLOW on. 

As a women practicing skincare for over sixteen years, Natalie Aguilar has been able to combine her medical knowledge, as a nurse, alongside her expertise as an aesthetician to create some of the most luminous, and healthy skin, that you see in Hollywood and around the globe. As a proud owner of Afterglow Beverly Hills, Natalie has fulfilled one of her many prestigious physicians, and brands, in the world including La Mer, Shu, Uemura, YSL and Chanel.

Natalie serves as a global educator, for others in the skincare industry, and loves to teach her methods and protocols for customized skincare. She proudly believes that healthy skin is truly the most important factor in achieving a beautiful, luminous and radiant complexion! 

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our conversation with natalie aguilar:

(13:34): Who is Natalie Aguilar?

(14:35) When did you open AfterGlow & where is it located?

(19:40) Stress, Stress, Stress! What does stress do to our bodies? 

(21:20) What is pigmentation? 

(23:06): Natalie’s 1st skincare tip for every type of skin

(26:08): Natalie’s 2nd skincare tip

(26:26):Natalie’s 3rd skincare tip

(26:40): How do I determine what to buy? What’s right and what’s not? 

(27:29): Skincare basics/essentials

(27:54): Advanced skin care - what’s up with serums? 

(29:00): Do you recommend rotating out your serums? Or stay with the products we love? 

(30:05): Skin care starts the day that you’re born

(31:19): Skin care tips for kids with eczema/psoriasis

(31:52): Benefits of grape seed oil! 

(32:30): Skin care products we MUST have & the 4 benefits of liquid vitamin C

(34:00): What does collagen do for you?

(34:56): How often should I get a facial? 

(36:27): Whats up with Jade rollers? 

(36:49): What exactly is a facial? 

(38:04): What is the best face cream for wrinkles on the forehead & under eye? 

(39:28): Retinol - Vitamin A explained

(40:15): How do you start using Retinol? 

(41:36): What is the best thing for dark circles under your eyes?

(44:00): Elizabeth’s under-eye peel procedure

(46:00): What chemicals in products should we avoid? 

(47:49): Skin tag removals O_O

(49:50): What is an IV drip? & what are the benefits? 

(52:46): Whats the difference between getting vitamins through a serum and getting them through a drip? 

(55:14): Micro-needling, Micro-dermabrasion, Micro-stamping, Micro-rolling 

(58:50): Darth Vader Mask A.K.A Sun Visor Hat

(1:00:13): What is the best treatment for manchas aka Malasma and how to prevent them?

(1:00:36): Paulina’s tanning experience LOL

(1:03:38): MASKS!!

(1:05:26): What are some recommended treatments for acne rosacea/ acne scars?

(1:08:36): At-home skincare recipes

(1:09:03): How often should you scrub/exfoliate your skin?

(1:09:30): Botox- is it safe? Would you recommend? Any alternatives?

(1:12:36): What are fillers? 

(1:14:34): How can I improve my skin through diet?

(1:21:20): What's a good eye cream? amarte Eyeconic Eye Cream

Pick or Tip of the Week

Natalies new obsession: PCA's C-Quench® Antioxidant Serum

Paulina's go-to's: Teddie Organics Rose Water & Bio-Oil

Bricia's ultimate loves:

Neutrogena eye makeup remover / Up & Up Eye Makeup Remover

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream All-Over Miracle Oil

Caudalie Grape Water

FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy™