EPISODE 155: combining entrepreneurship & passion w/ Veronica M


Happy Tuesday, ladies! This week on the podcast we have Veronica Monroy-Ferrer, better known as “Veronica M”.

Veronica Monroy-Ferrer first joined the fashion world in 1996, selling her well known miniskirts at the Fairfax swap meet in Los Angeles, California. Daughter of a successful Peruvian seamstress, Veronica learned early on the secrets to designing clothes and acknowledging the modern woman as stylish, strong, and career-minded. Among a handful of auspicious local fashion designers, Veronica has made a name for herself by designing the perfect fusion of classic styles and vintage patterns with a bohemian twist. Growing up, her weekends consisted of fabric shopping with her mother and helping to cut out patterns at the age of seven. It was then that she realized the endless fashion possibilities by collaborating with bright colors and lively prints. The Veronica M brand is now synonymous with fun and bold prints.

In 1997, the demand grew for Veronica's amazing fitted miniskirts and she opened her own store, Scala on La Brea Boulevard. Soon after the opening of her store she began receiving request for "Veronica M" for local boutiques and private label chains. This began her wholesale division that is still expanding today. In 2000, Scala closed and reopened as Veronica M located on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. Though it has since closed, we thank all who have supported this location throughout the years. In 2014, PeopleStyle watch named Veronica M jumpsuits the most flattering, perfect jumpsuit: "It skims your curves in just the right way." Veronica M continues to make a statement and strong impact on fashion. Veronica believes that every woman should not only look their best, but also feel their best."

But first, we address a sensitive topic that we thought it was necessary to discuss.

our conversation with veronica m:

(18:40): How did you get started? 

(21:01): How did you go from Swap Meet to having a little store?

(22:47): Where did you get inspiration for your designs?

(25:19): How much was the 5-page purchase order? 😱

(27:30): Tell us about all the ugly parts of your business journey

(30:36): When did the kids come?

(31:26): Giving our husbands credit & addressing mom guilt

(33:38): What fashion trends should we look for this summer and upcoming fall?

(34:24): Tell us about your fall line

(35:50): Veronica's advice to all women

(38:10): Acknowledging our individual craft and instilling work ethic in our children and others

Pick or tip of the week

(40:00): Veronica M is LOVING zumba! Pick a sport or activity that will make you feel incredible about yourself.

(40:40): Paulina's tip is to keep hydrating with LOTS of H20. 

(42:50): Bricia is on the dry-brushing your skin trend.


Shop Veronica M at VeronicaM.shop