Episode 211: Healthy Living at Every Age with Dr. Sylvia Melendez-Klinger

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This post was brought to you by Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy. We received compensation to write this post, but all opinions expressed are our own.

Happy October! New month, new episode. This week, we speak to another returning guest, Dr. Sylvia Meléndez-Klinger, Registered Dietician and spokesperson for Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy. We’re talking about healthy living at every age and the benefits of eating fruits & veggies with lutein like delicious aguacate. Want to learn more about how to keep your brain healthy and possibly even help your kids perform better in school? You’ll want to listen to this episode!

Our Conversation with Dr. Klinger

What is lutein? Tell us more about it!

How does lutein help support healthy eyes?

What is cognitive health?

So there is a potential connection between lutein and our kids performing better in school? And, also a connection between lutein and keeping brains healthy as we get older?

I am not sure if the foods my family like have a lot of lutein. What foods are good sources of lutein?

What are other nutritional benefits of avocado for people of every age?

Pick or Tip of the Week

Bricia really really loves vegetables and she’s also a fan of organizing. She recently started using the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver 3-piece, and with her mom as her witness, it actually works! It keeps all the produce much fresher. Bricia even took her produce drawers out of her refrigerator. If you have the space in your fridge, you can keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer with these containers.

Paulina is the one with a bougie pick this week! She is loving this new lunchbox for Zixta - OmieBox Bento Box for Kids - Insulated Bento Lunch Box. It comes with a thermos that keeps food hot or cold for lunch, and it also has a handle which is great because you don’t need to buy another lunch box or bag to put it in.


You can find more avocado recipe inspiration and read more about the benefits of lutein for every age at

Dr. Sylvia recommends removing an avocado pit with a spoon vs. using a knife. See helpful video here.

Recipe for Tropical Whole Grain Mini Muffins on

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