Episode 194: Live from the Super Mamás Social w/ Two-Time Grammy Award Winner, Melanie Fiona

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We are back with our 3-part series of our Super Mamás Social panels! This week we are sharing our conversation with Two-time Grammy Award winner, Melanie Fiona. Her distinctive, powerful voice and tone has captivated the hearts and minds of countless souls. As a new mother, Melanie is passionate about creating supportive spaces for women and mothers to be educated and inspired by one another. We discuss her birth story video on YouTube, how she navigates expectations & so much more.

Our Interview with Melanie Fiona

One of the topics you spoke up in such a raw and truthful way was your birth story- Looking back at that video, uploaded in 2016, at your most vulnerable, how do you compare Melanie then to Melanie now ?

A lot of us, after giving birth are eager to go” back to normal, or to who we were”  Or even that word of “bouncing back” we see it everywhere, magazines, shows, songs, popular culture, the “bounce back” the “come back” not realizing that we will never go back, but in fact we are moving forward and evolving. Being a public figure- how did you navigate those expectations from “others”? what have you learned from your experience and what would you like to share with someone that is feeling that pressure today?

I LOVED your video titled ‘why you, me and CArdiB’ deserve to celebrate our pregnancies What do you think we need to be doing to reprogram this part of brain who lies to us everyday with who need to be... and what do you think our responsibility is as women to change this perception in the world?   

I love this idea of having the soundtrack of our lives and us being the author of our song. I know technology can be seen as many things good, bad you name it but if anything, what it has done its given us the power and ability to find our voices and fully express how we really feel and what we really think. How has your show helped you in that aspect, and what would you say to anyone who feels in the fence about starting their own creative projects?