Episode 189: Following our Instinct, Finding Community & Prioritizing Self-Care with Zoila Darton


This week on the show, we have Zoila Darton- NY native turned LA resident and Head Dot Connector of WORD Creative. Zoila is a born connecter and believes fostering community creatively will save the world- basically, an incredible human. We talk all about her birthing story and the grueling aftermath, her journey in finding community in LA as an outsider, how she practices self care and her other baby, her thriving business.

Our Conversation with Zoila Darton

What was your birthing experience like?

How did you find community when you moved to LA ? Who helps you?

What inspired you to start WORD? What does it stand for?

What is your morning routine/ritual that helps you stay grounded & present?

What is the one thing that you told you yourself that you wouldn’t do as a mom that you’re doing now?

You can follow Zoila on IG at @ZoilaDarton, her agency at @word.agency and check out her new podcast, The Women I Know.

Pick or Tip of the Week

If you would also like to pull a card, pick up Zoila’s first pick-Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck by Marcella Kroll and find clarity and guidance through divination. While you’re at it, book yourself an 80-min massage at the very trendy the NOW Massage boutique. Take a minute for yourself.

Bricia’s pick this week is the Fighting with my Family movie. It’s all the things you want in a family-friendly movie: funny, empowering and incredibly inspirational. It’s now playing in theaters.

If you’ve been following Paulina on IG (which you totally should be!) she' recently organized her pantry. She used leftover glass containers and these cute chalkboard stickers to label everything. Check out her post about it here.