Episode 188: Entrepreneurship, owning one’s worth & raising critical thinkers with @Hautemommie


This week on show we have #MomBoss Leslie Antonoff - creator of the Hautemommie blog, co-creator, executive producer and star of Aspire’s culinary series, Butter + BROWN and Founder of Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company. We talk entrepreneurship, her incredible mindset that has lead her to live without fear, accepting help without shame, the important lessons she’s instilled in her three daughters, the most important lesson she learned from her own mother & so much more. 

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia speak on #momguilt. After spending a weekend in SF and now a couple of days in Nashville, Paulina is reallyyyy feeling it. Also, Bricia contemplates sending Eduardo off to Oaxaca for 4 weeks- should she do it?? Comment below! 

Our conversation with @Hautemommie 

How the @Hautemommie twitter account developed into a blog

Turning @Hautemommie into a business 

The most difficult challenge being a blogger

Getting Butter + BROWN off the ground

The why behind Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company

The importance of accepting help

The most important lesson passed on to her daughters

The most important lesson passed on from her mother

Follow Leslie on IG as @Hautemommie and Twitter as @Hautemommie. Also, follow her on @ButterandBrown and @SweetKnowledgeClothing

Pick or Tip of the Week

Leslie’s pick comes from her “Not your mamas book club”! Get yourself of a copy of The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. Lawyer turned New York Best Selling author illustrates a story of a black women being loved and cared for- absolutely a must read!

As you all know, Bricia is the plant lady. Her secret to keeping her plants alive? This Super Green Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer

Paulina’s most recent read/listen is Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist- the title says it all. Also, based off her last week’s tip, Paulina invested in this compost bin.