Episode 164: Let's talk Autism with Autism Speaks Family Representative Kameena Dawkins


This week on the show we have Autism Speaks Family Representative and World Autism Ambassador, Kameena Dawkins speaking to us all things Autism. Kameena is the first and only Multi-Ethnic/ Afro-American Parent Partner to hold several posts in the Autism Speaks Network and is a resilient single mother of a 16-year-old on the spectrum. She answers all our questions regarding ASD, such as: What’s the earliest age we can see signs of Autism in our kids? What are the first steps to take as a parent? What is the best way to approach a family with a child on the spectrum? & more. We also talk about the disparities in care that families of color receive when dealing with ASD and resources available for low-income families. 

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia talk mom fails, puppies (lol) and re-sleep training little Eduardo.

Our Conversation with Kameena Dawkins

(14:44): A brief introduction of who you are, Autism Speak organization & the work you do for them?

  • (888)- Autism2

(17:25): What is ASD? 

(21:55): How common is this? What’s the earliest age that we can see signs of Autism in our kids? 

(22:50): The color issue (in regards to Autism)

(25:30): What are the first steps to take as a parent if we see signs in our children? 

(27:38): What is the best way to approach a family with a child on the spectrum?

(29:00): What is code Adam?

(33:50): Do we know any signs of prevention? 

(37:50): What is residential? 

(41:10): Is there a higher prevalence of Autism in people of color? 

(42:40): Are there affordable resources available for low-income families?

(47:18): You recently published a “Puberty and Adolescent Resource Tool Kit,” Was there an experience you went through and you were said “this needs to exist”?

Reach out to Kameena via IG, @kameenaspeaks and email her, kameenaspeaks@gmail.com. Also, be on the lookout for her new book, “Black & Blue: The Inside Job to Healing in Autism through Self-Care” on her blog healingselfcare.wordpress.com

Pick or Tip of the Week

(54:45): Kameena cannot say enough good things about the Disney Cruise. As she said, your kids will never forget this experience.

(59:10): Paulina has been all about the Babyganics insect wipes to prevent bug bites & lavender/peppermint essential oil for sooth bites. They’re the best!

(1:01:01): Bricia’s tip is make your way down to Valle De Guadalupe wine country and enjoy some yummy food and delicious wine.