Episode 163: Julissa Arce- The Power of an Immigrant Dream


This week on the show we have our friend, political commentator, speaker, writer and best-selling author of My (Underground) American Dream, Julissa Arce. Julissa is a leading voice in the fight for social justice, immigrant rights and education equality. We talk about her & our experiences as undocumented immigrants, the most valuable lessons she learned from her parents and her new book, Someone Like Me- which is available now.

Before the interview, Bricia and Elizabeth share their weekend in Valle de Guadalupe and their Christmas conundrum. Get to planning your holidays, ladies!

our conversation with Julissa Arce

(10:20): Let us know who are you (on the quick lol)?

(11:40): Where are you from? Where did you grow up? How did you find yourself in America?

(15:00): Takes us through your journey of being a undocumented to becoming a wall street executive.

(17:00): Becoming undocumented at the age of 14

(21:00): What do you think set you on this successful path? What are the most valuable lessons your parents taught you?

(27:09): When do you think you experienced the most growth?

(31:00): When did you decide to write a book/ how did that come about? At what point did you leave your wall street job?

(35:11): Tell us a little bit about your new book, Someone Like Me: How one Undocumented Girl Fought for her?

(38:55): If you could back to your 11 year old self, what would you tell her?

(40:10): Ascend Educational Fund- AEF is a college scholarship and mentorship program for immigrant students in New York City, regardless of their ethnicity, national original or immigration status. How can we get involved?

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Pick or Tip of the Week

(42:10): After hearing a story from her friend, Paulina URGES everyone to have a fire extinguisher in their homes. Order one on Amazon today!

(45:20): Pre-order/buy Julissa’s new book by visiting her website, JulissaArce.com & register for her at the book launch in LA, by clicking here. Also, wanna get that Julissa glow? Get yourself the Nars Highlighter- Ibiza.

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