Happy 4th of July, sisters! When we think of this particular holiday, it’s all about backyard fun & fireworks. But considering our political climate today, we brought in actor, activist and our friend Kendrick Sampson on this show this week to speak on current issues & subjects we usually feel uncomfortable talking about. Kendrick’s activism revolves around reforming the criminal justice & immigration system while advocating for intersectional racial justice as a whole.

Before we into it, Paulina and Bricia recap how their keeping up with the World Cup (Remember, drink a tablespoon of apple cider with warm water in the morning) & the progress of our GoFundMe Campaign

We talk …

  • Our relationship being bi-cultural and embracing both of our countries
  • What it means to be an American POC today
  • Speaking to our kids about current political issues without “dumbing” it down 
  • Being comfortable asking uncomfortable questions 
  • Oppression associated with the American Flag 
  • The word “minority” & the US census 
  • How to chose an issue to advocate for 

& overall getting more WOKE 

You can follow Kendrick on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter as @Kendrick38. 

Pick or Tip of the Week

Kendrick recommends picking up When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir

Paulina encourages watching the Netflix documentary 13th to learn about America's prison industry and it's mass criminalization history. 

Bricia just finished listening to the podcast, Making Obama by WBEZ Chicago. Queue it up! 



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