EPISODE 153: Couples and Relationship Advice


This week on the podcast, we are focusing on maternal mental health & how to strengthen our marriages with licensed clinical social worker, Denise Vite. 

Denise has been working in mental health for 12 years and is committed to providing mental health therapy that is compassionate, empowering and culturally responsive. She provides therapy and workshops to children, teens and postpartum moms in her part time job at a Kaiser Permanente psychiatry clinic. 

After going through her own personal struggles as a new mama, Denise realized how critical it is for mamas to have more support and how much more needs to be done to break the stigma around maternal mental health. It inspired her to specialize in the treatment of prenatal and postpartum depression and start her private practice, Compassionate Wellness Counseling, in 2017.  Denise supports couples through their transition to parenthood utilizing a research-based workshop called Bringing Baby Home. She also facilitates pregnancy and motherhood circles at Unfold Yoga in Brea, Ca. 

We talk ...

  • The research-based workshop called Bringing Baby Home that guides couples through their transition to parenthood
  • How to get our partners more involved in child rearing (because sometimes we moms feel like we need to do everything)
  • Dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety
  • The principles to making a marriage work (see graphic below 👇🏽) 
  • Avoiding divorce by acknowledging the 4 major indicators (see graphic below 👇🏽) 

To inquire more about Bringing Baby Home workshop dates, receive a free phone consultation, or to discuss bringing this workshop to your organization, please contact Denise by email & visit her website for more details.


Contact: 949-216-0897

Email: compassionatewellnessoc@gmail.com

IG: @compassionatewellnessoc

FB: @compassionatewellnessoc

Pick of Tip of the Week

Denise recommends practicing the relationships tips we discussed with the Gottman Card Decks app. 

Paulina & Bricia's date night tip: switch out the typical dinner & a movie night with:

  • An activity where you can actually talk with your partner (you can't actually talk during a movie)
  • Opt for a wellness day. Infrared saunas with your husband, anyone? 

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