Rachel Gomez is a #badassmami and #momboss, we enjoyed sitting with her to learn about her business Viva La Bonita, a clothing line inspired by the women around her, the women who raised her and the women she continues to meet. After years of being told that Latina Streetwear Brands had no relevance in the industry she has built a brand that encourages all of us to reclaim our identity and be proud of our culture. In this inspirational conversation, this first time mom talked about how her son motivated her to take more control of her life and career. 

She also opens up about how she dealt with building a business while having a newborn. With practical tips about how she found time to work even in those first few weeks. She also talks about how she got to know her baby, and managed postpartum anxiety. 

She also talks about how your passions are indicators of where your business idea can come from and how to deal with the up's and down's of motherhood and entrepreneurship.  

Talk. Read. Sing Tip:

Rachel: My son recognizes the melodies we sang to him during pregnancy and now that he is getting older he is harmonizing too! We also make it a practice to visit the bookstore and let him look through books at the store. We purchase the ones that he likes and we use reading as quality time.  Don't forget to share your #talkreadsing moments with us using @_supermamas and @first5california. 

Tips and Picks: 

Rachel: Don't believe everything you see online and on Pinterest. Don't pressure yourself to live life like an Instagram feed. Let's all aim to present a realistic view of motherhood and not a picture perfect version of your life. If you are finding yourself comparing your life to others then it's time to put your phone down. 

Bricia: I'm re-listening to Tony Robbins "Time of Your Life" program. It's a 10-day program to help you manage your time and focus your attention on your mission and to do the things in life that you really want to do. It forces us to examine the actions in our life that are going to get you the results that you want. If you are stuck in a mindset that "you don't have time" for things you want to do, I recommend you invest 10-days of your life on this. 

Paulina: My daughters love to play dress up! I created an area for them to play dress up and hung up all their clothes out. This has encouraged imaginative play and it has led them to have so much fun. Any extra bracelets, necklaces I find around the house I put it in their area. I got everything I needed at Ikea.

Learn more about Rachel and her brand @vivalabonita and on her site www.vivalabonita.com.