This week on the show we talked to a Super Mama extraordinaire! Emily Simonitsch sat down with us for a power hour of mentorship. Emily is the Senior Vice President of Talent for Live Nation Entertainment and is a 30-year veteran of live Latin entertainment in California, she has promoted crossover artists like Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez and is responsible for bringing us a lot of the Latin stars we know and love like Luis Miguel and Mana!

She has been married for 38 years, is the mother of 2 sons and has 3 grandchildren, Errol, Kenley and Cole.

She gave us great knowledge about how to climb the corporate ladder while having children, and how to navigate a long-lasting marriage.

We learned so much from her life in the entertainment industry, how she prioritized her time while her children were growing up. She even gave us tips on how to find the perfect babysitter for our kids and a tip to get your kids to listen and get more involved in the decision making process.

She also talked to us about her non-negotiable me time and how it helps her stay grounded.

Plus Bricia shares with us her latest personal-development listens! You don’t miss this episode!

Talk. Read. Sing Tips:

Emily: I always read books every night to my kids and we also prayed every night. Bedtime was the time we used to read to them. Reading “The Family Tree” and “Goodnight Moon” are some of our favorite memories. We made it work for us since the morning wouldn’t work for us since it was too rushed. Now when i’m changing my grandkids I will hand them a book and show them stories and my son and daughter-in law pray with their own kids too!

Bricia: Now my son will remember things I tell him. I always make sure to keep my promises. Talking to your kids also builds trust. If you tell them that you are going to do something just remember that your words means a lot to them.

Pick or Tips of the Week:

Paulina: Tips and Pick- I have the best tip for pregnancy stretch marks! Bio-oil is amazing. It has removed stretch marks I had from weight loss and has prevented new ones from coming after my pregnancies. Check out my complete list of pregnancy must-haves!

Emily: Tip -Get a half-hour for yourself everyday! Do something that makes you feel good every day. Even if it’s taking a long shower and putting some blush on.

Bricia: Tip - I have a life-coach and one of the things they have told me is that we shouldn’t check our phones first thing in the morning because doing that sets us up to be caught up in the demands of other people. The first thing we should do is something for ourselves and give gratitude. Pick- I love the @Wearlively line of lingerie and swimsuits! Super comfortable undergarments. You can take actually of the discount code they created for me and take 10 dollars off your purchase- Swim-Bricia.

Show Notes:

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