This week on the show we launch our Talk.Read.Sing. Campaign in partnership with First 5 California!

First 5 California is an organization that educates parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers about the critical role they play during a child’s first five years. Since their creation in 1998, they’ve supported millions of families with programs and services designed to help more California kids grow up healthy and ready to succeed in school – and in life!

We talk to Jamiann Collins-Lopez who after an extensive career in media came to First 5 California and became a mom shortly after. Since then, motherhood has continued to drive her passion to inform families about the benefits of early education and all the resources First 5 California offers.

We dive into the importance of talking, reading and singing with our children and strategies to make these activities an easy part of our daily life. We discuss at what age children should go to preschool and the importance of early education whether it's at home or in a school setting.

In our new segment, "Talk.Read.Sing." we share how we encourage our kids to #talkreadsing in everyday life.

  • Jamiann shares her son's favorite books like "Magic Tree House."

  • Paulina shares how she is enjoying reading along with her daughter Krista, and how Sabina loves music. She encourages understanding your kids’ favorite activities and tailoring your time to what they like.

  • Bricia shares a small tidbit on how her family incorporates harmony into their everyday life.

We also kick off of our Talk.Read.Sing. Challenge! Share your #talkreadsing moments with us for a chance to be featured! Use #talkreadsing and tag @_supermamas and @first5california. Check out our website supermamaspodcast.com or visit www.first5california.com to learn more.

You can also find more tips and resources on First 5 California's social media channels: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and listen to their Pandora station.

Plus! Paulina opens up about a recent health scare and how she has been dealing with the changes it will bring to her life in the next few months.

Tips and Picks of the Week:

  • Jamiann: I have an app that helps me read to my son. Audiobooks helps us read together at night and it helps him go to sleep.

  • Bricia: Personalized books from @mumablu. You can create a story with your child's name and features.

  • Paulina: My daughters are super into Loteria now and it's a game they play with their grandparents. You can actually pre-buy Lil'Libros new Lil' Loteria game made especially for kids.  

Show Notes:

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