This week on the show we sat down with Ana Guajardo, she is the creator of ChaCha Covers, a line of culturally inspired nail decals that have significantly influenced the nail art landscape, and are used by nail artists locally, nationally and internationally.

Ana has lived in Los Angeles for 14 years and was originally born in Mexico and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She studied Art History and Cultural Studies, from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as well as the University of California Los Angeles. She is a mother of two daughters, born on the same day, 9 years apart.

Ana talked to us about motherhood, how Cha Cha Covers got started and how it has helped Ana make her motherhood dreams a reality.

She also shared all about how she co-parented with her daughter’s father for a few years before getting back together and having a second baby!

Why she is homeschooling her daughter as she approaches middle school age to allow for her to travel more.

How she feels about turning 40, and this stage of her life. Hear about what she reads to stay centered.

Show Notes: 

Stub Hub Center


Real Madrid

Tips and Picks of the Week:

Ana-Nuk Mash and Serve Bowl - Easy, portable way to mash up baby food. Baby loves the textures and it allows you to serve them food you are eating. She also had a life tip: "9 year age gaps are not as bad as you think they are. My daughter is super helpful with my youngest."

Paulina-Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket- Lightweight, life jacket for the pool

Bricia-Baby Foot Peel- A two week process that leaves your feet soft and silky. Just be aware extreme peeling will occur.

You can find our guest here Instagram: @chachacovers, @culturacanvas or on her website.