This week on the show we sat down with Kim-Lan Dovan an expert on all things baby and toddler transitions. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with over 16 years of specialized experience with babies, young children, and their parents. Her background is in child development with extensive training in infant mental health. Kim-Lan has been a Wright Mommy and Me instructor for the last 7 years and has worked with hundreds of families.

She is the mother of a young daughter and fondly remembers their time together in mommy and me class. She believes all new parents deserve a community where they can grow and learn with their babies. Kim-Lan’s passion is to offer guidance and support to new mothers and fathers through a mindful and informative approach as they take their first steps on their journey through parenthood. 

We had an interesting conversation about how to get our babies to have good sleep habits, how to balance being flexible with having a routine that benefits our kids. 

Paulina also talked to us about how she is preparing her youngest daughter to sleep independently when the new baby comes later this year. 

We also talk about various philosophies on sleep and helping them learn to self-soothe. They share tips for getting sleep through the newborn stage. 

Learn about the 3-day rule and how it pertains to sleep and baby routines. 

Remember that there is a way that works for your family and we hope that hearing various ways of doing this is helpful to you. 

Grab your coffee or Michelada and grab a seat there are so many useful tips and tricks in this episode! 

Kim-Lan currently leads mommy and me and toddler classes at The Family Room in San Marino. For more info on the Wright Mommy and Me classes/curriculum. Check out their site.

Check out the HappySleeper.Com for classes via skype and consultations. 

Tips and Picks of the Week: 

Kim-Lan: Find your mommy village! Online groups can be life-changing and you might get answers to questions. (Don't forget to join our Super Mamas Facebook Group)

Paulina: Sunscreen that can go over your makeup is life-changing. We love this one! Another tip is to put all your sunscreens in a Ziploc bag in your purse to keep them all together. Try essential oils for sleep we like Do Terra's: Serenity and lavender. 

Bricia: Pump before going to sleep and keep bottles with breast milk in your room. Keep your bottle warmer in the bedroom to feed the baby and take turns bottle feeding. This was easier for us than to breastfeed at night. The bottle also helped me know how much breast milk my son was receiving. Another tip that worked for me is to transition him to a toddler bed at 20 months this prevented him from ever climbing out of the crib.