This week we invited Marisol Garcia, owner of Together in Birth to the show. She's a birth and postpartum doula and her company focuses on educating and empowering women and couples to achieve the birth they desire. They also provide prenatal education classes, workshops, services and guidance throughout the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

In this episode you will learn what a doula does, how can they help both the Mom and her partner have a better birth  experience, how do they help before, during and post labor.  Why she believes that childbirth is a women's rights issue. 

Marisol received her doula training from Birth Goddess Midwifery, she is a certified childbirth educator, has completed traditional Mexican rebozo workshops for use in labor & postpartum and most recently completed an intense 9 month cultural postpartum course focused on traditional Mexican herbs & cerradas (closing of the hips) for the postpartum mother with Indigemama Ancestral Healing.

 She is also the mother of two sons. Her own birth experiences serve to inform her work and how she supports mothers in their own journey's. 

She shares with us her experiences as a doula and as the founder of the Latina Mothers Collaborative a group of mothers in the birthing profession who provide support and resources to other mommas. 

If you are expecting a baby, planning to get pregnant or know someone that is pregnant, this is a great episode for you!

Learn more about our guest and her work on her website: Togetherinbirth.com or find her on Instagram @togetherinbirth. 

Show Notes: 

Together in Birth

The Bradley Method

Latina Mothers Collaborative

Tips and Picks: 

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