This week we sat down with Tanya Whitford is Certified Professional Organizer and owner of “Organizing Wonders.” She focuses on residential organizing and handles all areas of the home from bedrooms to home offices to garages- even inside cars.

Tanya loves making a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them overcome the things that have been holding them back. Whether it is clutter, an overwhelming project, a mental block, or simply something nobody else wants to do.

She also talk to us about how to keep memories, and how to know when we are ready to get rid of our past.

She gives us tips about where to donate our unused items.

She also tells us how to incorporate our children in the process of decluttering and how to decide what memories of theirs to keep.

She also talks about the emotional reasons why we keep things

She is here to help us get organized just in time for Spring Cleaning!

We also get an update on Bricia’s fall and the changes in Paulina’s life!

Show Notes:

H&M Recycling Program

Organizing Wonders

What To Do With Outgrown Kids Clothes

Organizing Toys

Picks and Tips:

  • Don’t let guilt be the reason you hold on to things. Keep a bag for donation in your closet and this way things won’t build up.

  • Don’t feel guilty about not being able to organize everything in your life. Enjoy your time and your family. What matters is the memories not the stuff and experiences

  • H&M has donation program, if you bring used clothes to donate you receive 20 percent off your purchase.

  • Buy a happy light to boost your mood, and for early risers it helps you wake up since it mimics sunlight.