We are so excited to share this episode with you! We sat down with Camila Alves, a dedicated mother, fashion and lifestyle expert, philanthropist and Co-Founder of Yummy Spoonfuls. She is also the wife of Academy-Award winning actor, Matthew Mcconaughey and a former model.

She gives us insights on how she juggles multiple projects with grace, while prioritizing her children, and avoiding stress. She also challenges Paulina to a life-changing experiment!

We talk about raising her children ages 8,7,4, her upbringing in Brazil, and how a life of entrepreneurship and hard work continue to motivate her to work hard.

She shared with us how her own struggles to make healthy meals for her children led her to seek healthy options in stores and eventually to co-found Yummy Spoonfuls and expand it to stores nationwide. She gives us tips on how to find out what products are safe for our children.

But because Camila is a #momboss her work doesn’t stop there.

Hear the story of how her and her husband founded the Just Keep Living Foundation after the birth of their first son, Levi. How the spirit of giving back is a core value that drives her and how her parents instilled that in her.

Learn about her newest venture, her lifestyle site Women of Today and why she is excited about the power of online communities.

She shares the benefits of having children close in age and how to find projects that fill your soul!

Listen to the end to find out her model approved way to get ready for the red carpet! You don’t want to miss this one ladies! This woman has beauty, style, humor and candor.

Find Yummy Spoonfuls at Target Store freezer aisles nationwide. 

Show Notes

Yummy Spoonfuls

Just Keep Living Foundation

Women of Today


Clean Label Project

Parsley Tea

Aloe Vera Pills

Tips and Picks

Camila: Cooking: On Saturday’s I wake up early to prepare beans and dishes that I can freeze to make my life easier on weekdays. 

Dressing Kids: Let kids pick out several outfits the night before to avoid them going to the closet in the mornings.

Bricia: Humidity in homes can lead to increased bacterial growth which could lead to more frequent illnesses. Purchase a humidity gauge to learn where your house’s current levels are.

Paulina: The calm app is great for meditation but it also has breathing exercises. I go to my car and practice deep breathing and it has helped me tremendously.