This week we had one of our favorite people visit us! Jacqui Saldana is back on the show to give us an update on her life and what's new in all things Baby Boy Bakery, Baby Journal and We Cook Kit. She also introduces her newest venture the Toddler Baby Journal, a special book to capture memories of your child between the ages of 1-3. 

She also tells us all about traveling with her daughter to promote her newest project and the many conversations she had with parents across the country at events like SXSW. 

The ladies also talk about the transition from infancy to toddlerhood and the different things we carry as our kids grow older. Why it's ok to do the best that we can, whether it's be a screen-mom or make your own baby sunscreen. Why Jacqui is a no-judgment mom, and why worrying about being a good mom is a sign of being a good mom. 

How her son inspired her first project We Cook Kit, and how she got started on this venture. A beautiful way to get cooking with your kids and build lifetime memories. How moments of stress and hurry are actually opportunities for us to bond with our children. 

Finally, she shares with us how happiness is choice she makes everyday and how she honors the legacy of her son everyday. 

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Show Notes:

Baby Boy Bakery

We Cook Kit

Baby Journal

Toddler Journal

Super Mamas Social

Tips and Picks: 

  • Garnier: Micellar No Water Cleanser

  • Make A Video With Your Kids- Use the features on your Iphone to interview your kids to capture them at various stages.

  • Journaling About Your Kids-write down memories of your likes and dislikes at various stages.

  • Harmless Coconut Water- The BEST coconut water according to our in-house expert, Bricia!