We are so excited to share our 100th episode of the Super Mamas Podcast!

This week we take a walk down memory lane and talk about how the podcast has changed us, and impacted the lives of many of of our listeners. 

We dish about some of the guests that continue to inspire us, and what we have learned from the many experts and #Mombosses that have been guests on the show. 

We also talk about how the Super Mamas Social went from idea to reality. 

We get personal about what this podcast means to us, and our plans for the near future. 

We also talk about what we do for a living and how working as a family has always been at the core of who we are. 

We are grateful that what started as an idea for a show to talk about motherhood, has become a community of sisters from across the country that come together online, and in-person to support one another through thie journey of womanhood! 

We would not be here without you and we are so grateful for your love and support! Thank you for being a part of the Super Mamas Sisterhood!

Together we can move mountains! 

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Show Notes: 

I Love Micheladas

I Love Mole


Episode 3: Patty Rodriguez

Episode 4: Linda Garcia

Episode 69: Ana Guerrero

Episode 5: Lily Love 

Episode 67: Jacqui Saldana @babyboybakery

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