This week on the show we have our very first Super Mamacita guest! Wendy Carrillo is not a mom, but she is an inspirational woman, sister, and daughter. She is a journalist, activist, and is now running for Congress in Los Angeles' district 34 in a special election that will happen on April 4th. 

We discuss her journey as an immigrant, and her trajectory in journalism. She also talks about her activism, including her time fighting for environmental and water rights and the important role women, and mothers play in these efforts. Plus, the powerful experience that led her to run for office in the same place where she grew up.

We also get back to Civics 101, and she tells us what does Congress does and why voting in local elections matters. 

She also gives us tips on how to raise children who love to read, and believe in themselves. 

Wendy's story teaches us that we can all be the change we want to see in the world and that our perspective as women, mothers and immigrants matters.

To learn more about Wendy Carrillo's campaign visit her site www.votewendycarrillo.com. Find her on Instagram @wendycarrillo or on Facebook @votewendycarrillo. You can also watch the video below to learn more about her campaign. 

Show Notes: 

CD 34 Special Election

Wendy Carrillo: Why I'm Running for Congress

About the Dakota Access Pipeline

What Does Congress Do? 


Wendy: Since she loses sunglasses often, rather than purchasing designer sunglasses, she purchases multiple inexpensive glasses at discounts stores.

Paulina: Teach your kids the value of the dollar by having them write down items and prices of items they want. Even kids as young as 5 like mine can start doing small chores, and "work" to earn money for items they want

Bricia: Even younger children can also do chores at home. Children as young as 2 can sort laundry, help set and clean up the table. The point is to have them perform task not only for themselves but for the entire family. Empowering kids through serving from an early age is a great way to raise good citizens!