Our Day in San Diego with MILK!


When we think about what really matters in our lives, there’s no surprise that the first thing we think of is our loved ones. As Super Mamás enters another year, we’ve made the conscious decision to step back and smell the roses or in this case, taste the leche. We were so excited when we were asked to take part in a partnership with MILK, because not only is MILK a staple in our homes but the message is something that is very important to us as women, as mothers, and as business owners --- Amor por lo verdadero (love for what’s real). Being your true self takes backbone, and what’s better than milk to build strong bones?! It has been our determination to stay true to our roots and be who we are that has opened doors for us, it has allowed the Super Mamás community to thrive!


This partnership resonated with our Super Mamás tribe as messages from moms flooded our social media when we posted about MILK. We asked our followers what childhood memories they had that involved milk and the responses were both hilarious and heartfelt. From cereal con platano to licuados to rompope for the holidays, Latinos incorporate milk in tons of recipes! Made from scratch or purchased from your favorite corner panaderia, milk is the foundation of so many of our favorite dishes and pastries.

We’ve been trying to take Super Mamás on the road for a while and this trip to San Diego came at just the right time. We were so glad that MILK helped us bring together our families, a special guest we had on the show, and our listeners all at the same time! We loaded up our stuff (yes, Paulina had more than one bag), our sister Liz, our friend Jennifer, and hit the road.

The first thing that we realized when we arrived at El Jardín was the power of our words and the way we speak is what will truly nourish us into reality. Claudette Zepeda Wilkins was a guest on the Super Mamás podcast episode 101 back in 2017. The chef mom hustler extraordinaire, talked to us about her super mamá journey as well as the challenges she faces being a woman in the restaurant business. Who would have guessed that only a year later she would be realizing her dream of opening her own restaurant. It’s been incredible to see the seeds of all her hard work taking root and how she’s created a sisterhood in her kitchen.


El Jardín is a beautiful display of both Mexican culinary art and Claudette’s own homage to the women in our lives that carry and preserve these traditions. We got to see the gorgeous space for ourselves and have a conversation led by Despierta América’s Ana Patricia Gámez that included dairy nutritionist and farm owner Rosemarie Burgos, Claudette and us of course! Then there was the food, which was so delicious. Claudette recreated the classic Mexican comfort food enfrijoladas with her personal twist, making sure that milk was the main ingredient. You’d be surprised to know just how many of our favorite dishes have milk in them!


Since we were already in San Diego we decided to have a last-minute Super Mamás meetup at Holy Matcha. We shared our excitement about MILK with our tribe of mamás which sparked a conversation about how they incorporated milk into their daily lives in their own way. We were able to connect with so many super mamás and it reminded us just how important it is to have spaces and people who nourish our most authentic selves, our verdadera selves-- because that’s what really matters.