A financially savvy Latina's Top Money Podcasts


Whether you’re saving for a house, retirement or simply trying to get your finances right, you may feel confused, alone and simply like you don’t know where to start! We’ve all been there and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. This week’s guest, Natalie Torres- Haddad, AKA Financially Savvy Latina, has some great tips for being your own financially savvy woman! She shared with us her top 6 favorite money and finances podcast - besides her own! Listen to episode 179 on your own time and get inspired to invest in your financial future!

  1. Her Money Matters - Money Confidence Coach, Jen Hemphill goes on a money journey each week helping you make your money simple and easy to master. She brings practical and simple money insights and showcases women like you who share their real life stories.

  2. Stacking Benjamins - Stacking Benjamins is a magazine-style podcast. While each episode is just over an hour long, rarely will a segment run longer than 10 -15 minutes. Joe Saul-Sehy & his co-host OG discuss finances in a casual, yet factual conversational way that makes learning about finances almost fun!

  3. Real Estate Investor Goddesses - In the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast, Monick Halm interviews women who are rocking it in real estate investment and we discuss real estate, pleasure, investing, money mindset, and whatever else comes to mind.

  4. Young Smart Money - YSM is a business podcast that allows you to hear from today's top young entrepreneurs on their experiences, their journey, and digging for actionable information for you to apply to your own life and your businesses.

  5. Make Money Your Honey - Amanda Abella is a full-time brand ambassador, an online business coach, and a millennial money expert. She’s a young Latina trying to secure her bag, just like you!

  6. Renegade Millionaire - From prosperous entrepreneurs to high profile CEOs, the nation’s top trailblazers in business and entertainment are sitting down to share their secrets with Winnie Sun.

Now that you have the tools to get started, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to these podcasts and take notes! 2019 is the year to secure the bag!